Who is Mike Hensel?

I am sure that many of you, when you saw the three names that are involved in the deputation to buy the waterfront land from the town, did what I did. You obviously know who Steve Assaff and Peter Dunbar are, but who is Mike Hensel? So let’s get a little background on him

The following is from October 15th 2012 council meeting:

Georgian Manor Resort – Potential Gaming Facility Presentation
Mike Hensel introduced Peter Levoy, Georgian Manor Resort and John Simmons. Mr. Levoy provided the history of the resort. Mr. Simmons reviewed what is required to have a successful casino noting it’s an entertainment destination and performing arts centre, why a gaming facility should be considered in Collingwood and more specifically, at Georgian Manor Resort. Mr. Simmons expanded on the proposed uses within the proposed facility, public transportation and corporate and social responsibilities with respect to gaming further encourage Council to support hosting a casino within Collingwood.

Mr. Simmons addressed questions from Council including parking, public transit options, traffic studies with respect to Highway 26, and site plan provisions. Mayor Cooper reminded the public of the upcoming public meetings with respect to OLG Zone 7 location considerations.

Mike Hensel is president of:

Hensel Design Group Inc.
372 Peel Street,
Collingwood Ontario
L9Y 3W4

From this company’s web site:

Since 1990, Hensel Design Group Inc. has been bringing a broad range of directly related experiences to their projects with a considerable investment of time made during their many years of successfully completed project assignments.

Mr. Mike Hensel has been actively involved in several award-winning land development projects through Hensel Design Group Inc. that were successfully finalized and included in those are: the Environmental Impact Statements, Management Plans and Impact Mitigation Strategies.

Hensel Design Group specializes in housing, community places design and infrastructure, storm water management and specialty landscapes, and all within and adjacent to natural ecological systems such as woodlots, watercourses, wetlands and waterfronts. “We are different things to different people.”

He and his company were also heavily involved with Assaff’s Rexall/BMO development.

Mr. Hensel has also been a contributor to Sandra Cooper and Rick Lloyd’s election campaigns.


6 thoughts on “Who is Mike Hensel?

  1. When I had the privilege to serve as Mayor of Collingwood, I was aware of a few projects that Mike and his Team were involved with. I found him and his colleagues to be strong advocates for the environment, green energy technologies and other sustainable development tools for better projects than the traditional type of sprawl and energy inefficient buildings. I always looked forward to listening and learning from him and his colleagues about their newest ventures.

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