Council Meeting 1st June 2015 VFAN Style:

I am over the pond in Blighty at present, so could not attend tonight’s council meeting. I did however have a couple of my roving reporters on special assignment send me continuous updates. So here we go:

1. Brian Saunderson attended opening of the farmers market this past Saturday and was pleased to see the tent of the Community Strategic Planning Committee. They were answering questions and taking names. Too bad Assaff wasn’t there to tell everyone what the actual strategic plan for the town is because it already seems to be in place.

2. Rexall opening – Apparently Bob Madigan, Sandra Cooper and Kevin Lloyd were in attendance. I don’t really give a f**k about the second two. But Bob when you try to get re-elected again in 2018 do you think that eyesore will not be an election issue? (If it isn’t I will make it one). I thought you were a little more politically astute than that. That is a photo-op gift that will keep on giving.

3. Cooper mentions that there are two dates for public input on the Community Based Strategic Plan. I wonder out loud why she doesn’t tell her pal Assaff to attend one of them, so he can find out what the people of this town actually want in development instead of the best way of lining his pockets.

4. Peter Dunbar got up to do his presentation. The first impression was that either he has the same blood pressure issues as Kevin Lloyd or they are both going to the same tanning salon.

5. Brian Saunderson asked about Steve Assaff’s timeline and he said and I quote “There is not a hard and fast timeline, but would like this done by Labour Day”. WTF does that not sound like a hard and fast time line?

6. The silence of the rest of the “good guys” is deafening. I am somewhat worried about certain members of this council whom I voted for. In fact silence is not the right word; voting 8 – 1 to receive staff report on this fiasco sounds more like enabling the lunatics to continue to run the asylum.

7. Apparently the town land is on a flood plain, so buildings are not allowed. Do you all seriously think that there has not been a plan in place on how to develop this piece of water front since prior to the wrecking ball moved in to demolish the Moutainview? $350k for parkland or a parking lot for the good of the townsfolk. Mr. Assaff has suddenly turned into a mixture of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one. Yeah and I am the blogging version of Shakespeare.

8. And in local social events: 10 am today: Ian Chadwick, Rick Lloyd and Kevin Lloyd were at the Wired Monk intensely discussing something and at 4.00 pm Timmies downtown Steve Assaff and Peter Dunbar are meeting for coffee. Somethings happening here!!!!

9. Steve Assaff says he already has a deal in place with Fram for the rest of the frontage on the other side of the slip to Heritage Way. A 3 story box store is shown in site plan. So that’s his plan, who knew?

10. Town council (the ones I voted for) and the rest of you better wake up. This is a cout de terre in the making. Or as they say in most third world tin pot dictatorships, governance by other means.


7 thoughts on “Council Meeting 1st June 2015 VFAN Style:

  1. And, on another note, after months of study by town staff, the recommendation to cut red tape concerning people operating bed-and-breakfast establishments gets sidetracked as councilor Mike Edwards wants more information about how these would be registered.

  2. In reference to council, with the exception of Saunderson, voting yay to get a staff report on Steve’s proposal, I am curious as to the justification of that consensus?

    To take time and effort from town staff to do a report on the future of our waterfront lot, before a strategic plan is in place, seems a bit backwards. Like someone said to me “it’s like asking your kid to clean their room before the wrecking ball knocks it down”.

  3. I am concerned, no doubt. The inmates are running the asylum …. hello OPP, please help this great town regain its greatness!

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