The Assaff EB interview – Here’s what VFAN has to say:

Assaff: “Because the piece of property that I’m trying to acquire from the town (Block 9) is not waterfront. This is on Highway 26 surrounded by commercial lands.”

VFAN: Nice try Steve. Block 9 is as close to buildable waterfront that this town has right now. Why don’t you start being honest with the good readers of the EB and say what exactly is going on here. You need that little strip of land for the extra parking spaces you need to build 3 stories in the boxy building you want to shove down our throats on the corner of Huron and Heritage.

Assaff: “They (the town) can take the money and use it for the waterfront, whether it’s to fund the waterfront master plan or swap it for the other waterfront property that I own (behind the courthouse).”

VFAN: Here’s a thought Steve, why don’t you stop thinking about the best way to line your own pockets and donate that piece of scrubland behind the courthouse to the town. Like others have done in the past Di Poce for instance.

Assaff: “In general, the more the town can do to attract people to the waterfront and expose the waterfront the better, obviously, for the community.”

VFAN: Uh huh, this is freaking hilarious. You couldn’t have had a straight face when you said this Steve. You just closed off the main part of the waterfront with your Rexall monstrosity. Who will that attract? People from the local old age homes when they pick up their pharmaceutical needs?

Assaff: “Yeah, I’m working towards that. I have one particular tenant that has a time constraint for the end of 2016.”

VFAN: I must be a mind reader or something………….

Assaff: “First of all, let me just say that I think it’s a great thing that we have development going on in the town.“

VFAN: Of course you do Steve. You get national tenants and your voting bloc rubber stamped everything you wanted whether it was good for the town or not. Too bad someone else other than you and Larry Dunn are not doing it maybe we could see some vision in what gets built.

Assaff: “I think Brian Saunderson misspoke, because the mayor quite correctly announced at the start of the presentation that this was for information only and no decisions were going to be made that night.”

VFAN: No Steve all the important decisions were made years ago by you and your voting bloc. Now it’s our turn to have a say.

Assaff: “I mean I’ll wait until I need to build a building, that’s the longest I can wait. If it doesn’t then, forever and a day, it’ll be a little strip of land that the town will do whatever they’re going to do with, but I will only be able to wait as long as business terms allow me to wait.”

VFAN: You might be waiting longer than you can imagine Steve, so it might be a little early for the Cheshire cat like grin.

Assaff: “That’s a function of parking, really and also market-driven for tenants. But I mean it would be a two-storey minimum building and let’s say three-storey max.”

VFAN: Bingo!!! This is what Block 9 is all about, parking!!!

Assaff: “My philosophy as a developer is quite simply to build the best-looking buildings I can build. I don’t really get too concerned with the extra cost.”

VFAN: Hahaha this is hilarious. I could do a 1,000 word post on that one statement alone.

Assaff: “I really don’t read those blogs, I hear about them through other people.”

VFAN: Yeah Steve and I’m the Queen of Sheba.

Assaff: “Specifically, the delay in the Admiral Collingwood. Those decisions were not made in the best interests of the community one iota.”

VFAN: Yeah but that saved your arse Steve, you never had the firm sales or the financial resources to build that building at any time.

Assaff: “The town is bigger than any of us and we all love it and thank God we live in a country like Canada where we’re allowed to express our opinions without being shot or thrown in jail.”

VFAN: The only bit of truth in the whole interview.


15 thoughts on “The Assaff EB interview – Here’s what VFAN has to say:

  1. I love the way you trained seals sit on the sidelines and applaud the idiot-savant Nobody, aka failed plumber Colin Wills. Hes failed in everything he has done in life so sits on the sidelines and criticizes the successful people in town for a little bit of attention. You are all pathetic.

    • It’s a febel attempt on Mr. Assaff’s part to insult the wonderful donations to our town that both the youth and adults of our town use and enjoy!…Assaff’s comment just emphasizes his attitude about his unwillingness to work with all of us on the town’s development and future – which he has no vision for or desire to, outside of his own pocket. SMH

  2. I think it’s time that we apologized to other developers for treating them with such difficulty and disregard so that we have our options back. John DiPoce should be the first one! He donated the land for the College to be built on – all in support of educating our youth at home. He donated the land for our new hospital facility to build on – so we could get the medical care we need at home. All totaling over $2 million – this is what loving our town looks like from a developers perspective. Previous council manipulated DiPoce’s proposals and applications costing him millions of dollars in delays and forcing him to retreat out of town and out of Steve’s way. We need to correct what we turned a blind eye to and have the to courage to say to John DiPoce, “we are sorry to have allowed that, please come back, we need you and appreciate you. Thank-you for all you have done for our town, for us and our children’s future”.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t adding Georgian College and/or a hospital on the Dipoce land significantly increase the value of the remaining land he owns out there? And by donating land for Georgian College, didn’t he get someone else to pay for all the upfront costs associated with extending sewer & water from the Hume/HWY 26 intersection to service the remainder of his development (which again raises the value of his land).

      I think it’s very short sighted to think developers (or business people in general) just do things to solely benefit the community. There’s typically always as much, if not more benefit to themselves. Some are just better at masking it than others.

      • No correction needed. I thank you for pointing out the area’s in which we can recognize how good business practice is done. When the giver can continue to grow as well, the benefit comes back around because it puts them into a renewed position to give again – which Mr. DiPoce continues to do. A selfish donator stops once he/she reaps the rewards thus creating the relationship to end.

        Givers who burn out consistently put the interests of others ahead of their own, sacrificing their energy and time and undermining their ability to give in the long run. Those who maintain success are careful to balance concern for others with their own interests. Instead of helping all of the people all of the time, they help many of the people much of the time. They’re careful to give in ways that are high benefit to others but not exceedingly costly to themselves.

        In fact, Mr. DiPoce would have benefited more by keeping the land and developing it – exactly like Mr Assaff continue’s to do.

        Correct ME if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall any donations of land or structure given once, let alone twice, by Mr. Assaff to our town that benefits our residents as well, but I guess another drugstore that will probably cause the demise of our local smaller drugstore, who has been servicing us for years, is comparable. ??

        Could this possibly be one of the many reasons that Mr. Assaff’s recent desire to purchase prime waterfront land from our town for his OWN development and profit, but once again, is not going over so well??

      • The thing you are missing A is Mr. DiPoce is done with the town of Collingwood. He is also a Billionaire and the few baubles that you talk about above that may or may not increase the value of his local holdings is a mere drop in the bucket for him and was the last thing on his mind when he GAVE the properties to the town. Do yourself a favour and educate yourself. Just Google the name John DiPoce he always gives to any community that he develops in………Steve Assaff not so much.

      • VFAN – no offense, but you’re starting to respond to people (with different views) the way Chadwick does. I was simply pointing out that Dipoce’s generous donation came with it’s own share of perks. His land now has municipal services right at the front door and a landmark on the corner. That land is significantly more attractive than it was prior.

        Perhaps it’s best described as a “win-win” for both the community and the developer – and that’s great. But let’s be honest, those opportunities don’t present themselves all the time and you don’t become a billionaire by giving away assets.

        On another note, I think you’ve been a little hard on Assaff lately. Yeah I’d rather have a nice restaurant with a patio or something (not a museum) that compliments the harbor more – but the new Mountainview Centre is just one of many awful uses for waterfront lands.

        Residential homes along Waterside Lane
        The Shipyards
        Admiral Building (LCBO)

        You could argue all of those developments are awful in terms of highlighting the water/harbor as an asset for the Town. Mountainview Centre just gets shit on because it was the last one to be built…when the Town’s botched their chances to create a vision for the waterfront for decades now….I guess your rebuttal will be that now’s a good time to start (which is fair).

        Personally, I think it’s odd there’s not more attention given to the state of the Shipyard development. Million dollar condos for the privileged, poorly planed, bankrupt, abandoned holes all over. We filled in the bay for this? FAIL.

  3. Mr. Assaff’s sense of entitlement in this town is beyond comprehension. Will the new council give him a reality check ????

    • I hope so Coop. I think we have to look at it from 2 angles.

      Process – unlike the last council, there are enough honest people on this council, that the proper process will be followed, and decisions won’t be made in advance.

      Vote – No idea. I think that Sandra Cooper, Kevin Lloyd & Mike Edwards gave him everything he wanted last term, so their votes should be predictable.

      Brian Saunderson & Deb Doherty have been pretty consistent with their opposition to Assaff’s “vision”

      That leaves Tim Fryer, Cam Ecclestone, Bob Madigan & Kathy Jeffrey.

      This is just an observation of course. I’m also guessing that when the planning department gets back to council on the piece of land Assaff wants to buy from the town, their recommendation will be a strong no. Time will tell..

  4. I’ll see your 1,000 word post, and raise you a Chadwickian blog.

    Assaff sounds just like Chadwick, Lloyd(s), Cooper(s) say….We’re good, and everyone else is bad.

    BTW, my favourite line from the interview was when he talked referred to his opposition as,
    “a small group of people”

    Assaff’s candidate Rick Lloyd got 3245 votes in the last election

    The Deputy Mayor who stood up to Assaff Monday night, got 5701

    You do the math

  5. My Grandfather once said its hard to kick a piece of shit without getting a little on your boot
    Maybe it’s time we all started to wear or rubber boots when it comes to dealing with Steve

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