Hey Ian, here’s an idea for a group……..CNUAB

I guess I must have finally got the attention of the forces of evil in our town. We all know that Scripturient is now just the online mouth piece for the people behind and the previous members of the old voting bloc. In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that it was probably time for the many people that seem to care, form a citizens action group like the old V.O.T.E. (Voices of the electorate), to mobilize against the plans by Chadwick’s pals to strip mall the rest of the land in front of our waterfront. I also mentioned something called an OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) appeal against any development of a similar vein to the Rexall/BMO eyesore that ever gets bulldozed past this current council, on the corner of Huron and Heritage Way. An OMB appeal and the following process, is like a crucifix to Dracula, when it comes to Mr. Assaff, he knows the process only too well, because V.O.T.E. did the same thing with his development on the corner of Hume and Hurontario. It puts serious delays in front of the building permit process. The problem that Mr. Assaff has, is I believe the land that he wants to finish strip malling is not zoned for the use he intends to put it to, which with a pliant council, is merely a rubber stamp away from an approval. Hopefully with this council not so much. The other thing I mentioned was a large and vocal public backlash might sway at least one member of council, who has long term political aspirations, to think twice before helping Assaff ruin that piece of land. In Chadwick’s Scripturient rant he gives us all some of his own ideas on what a new political action group should be called. As usual he never does things by halves, he proposes 14 different names for groups with vitriolic descriptions of how they would “ruin” our town.

Here are a couple of his childlike suggestions:

BBCC – Bring Back Chris Carrier. A group determined to tar and feather the current mayor, ride her out of town on a rail, and crown the former mayor as King of Collingwood. A guillotine will be erected in front of town hall to take care of the opposition and a throne will be erected in the council chamber for him to oversee town business. The town’s motto will be changed to “L’Etat C’est moi.” (I am the state).

The funniest thing about this is Chris Carrier has no further interest in being Mayor or any other political position in this town. He has been bloodied and bruised by the whole political process by Chadwick and his pals. He has been the subject of lies, insults, innuendo and threats, so who could blame him.

CRASS – Citizens Repulsed by Assaff’s Superior Structures. A group that will file an OMB challenge to every building the developer proposes, and if he erects one anyway, they will post nasty comments about it and him on social media, write angry blogs, make unfounded allegations and hold their breath until they turn blue in the audience at council meetings.

This one is quite telling and has Chadwick dropping his guard a little. How could a previous member of council have been objective when any past development proposals by Assaff were put in front of him while on council, when he publicly has this type of adulation and admiration for him?

So this leads me to a suggestion for a group that Chadwick might want to form himself as follows:

CNUAB – Chadwick’s Nose Up Assaff’s Backside (can’t remember what fresh air smells like).


10 thoughts on “Hey Ian, here’s an idea for a group……..CNUAB

  1. OMG you must love this guy. I would not remember who he was if you did not obsess about him. Move in. Get another date.

    • Strangely enough I get what you are saying SJDC, but for years these guys have controlled the conversation. Its not an obsession just a different point of view. You always have the option of not reading my nonsense. 🙂

    • No SJDC. Those of us who know what has been going on the past decade enjoy seeing Chadwick, the recently fired Member of Council by the electorate, kicked around like an old rumpled-rusty empty can of coke in a grocery store parking lot. He has earned every criticism and releasing him from his actions would be a free pass.

  2. Steve; think BLAH hits mark. It never ceases to amaze me, as an old fart who knows a lot of the players, this sheite comes and goes in cycles but it’s always with the same results.


  3. Mr Chadwick seems to be mixing up his revolutionary wars with talk of public Tarring and Feathering (American Revolution) and public executions by guillotine (French Revolution). Either way it, all sounds like tremendous fun and is bound to attract a bigger crowd than, say, the Elvis Festival. I am all for it!

  4. Rather than ‘Tar and Feather”, “Expose and Resign” is more fitting.
    And, they have to turn blue ’cause beet red is already taken by Lloydwick and newly appointed Mike Hensel,

  5. Hmm. How about these?

    PUPI – (pronounced Puppy) People Under Police Investigation

    LLOYDWICK (not so much a “group”, but a hell of a team)

    BLAH (Bonwick, Lloyd, Assaff, Houghton)

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