The castle walls are starting to crumble………….

I never ever thought I would say this but Bob Madigan is VFAN’s hero of the week. Many of you have no idea how hard that must have been for him to vote against the old guard of this town last night, on something that is part of the fabric of the status quo. The mayor loved being on the Collingwood Public Utilities Service Board with all the perks and remuneration that position brought to her. Bob is best friends with Shawn Cooper the Mayors son. You can’t open a newspaper or go on social media without seeing a photo op with Bob and the mayor. There is an old saying “you gotta dance with the girl that brung you”. In a metaphoric sense Bob just dumped his date and went and did the cha cha with the prettiest girl in the room. The consequences to him on a personal level will be far reaching. Never mind though Bob I can now start to frequent your coffee shop and come and shoot the shit with you again (not sure if that is a positive for you though).
I have never said Bob is stupid, in fact I think he is a very smart guy. That is why I believe Bob has seen the writing on the wall with the people he has been associating with and decided that writing says “Get out while you getting is good”. If Bob would have gone along with the status quo the kid gloves would have been off with me and I would have chased Bob relentlessly until the next election. I have always said that I like Bob, I would have hated that scenario and I am glad Bob has finally proved that he is his own man and now a formidable local politician.
There are other signs that the castle walls are starting to crumble. As I said last night there has to be a complaint to the integrity commissioner about our Mayor not removing herself from last night’s vote because of the conflict of being on the board that she was voting to keep in place. That complaint is indeed coming later this week. If no one had stepped up I was going to do it myself. I am 99% sure that the Mayor will be publicly shamed and sanctioned over that, it’s a slam dunk. This time around they have over played their hand somewhat.

I can’t talk specifics here, but there are other positive moves afoot by some serious players to wrestle back our town and get it moving in a positive forward looking direction. All will be revealed in due course. In the meantime ladies and gentleman bask in the glow of the first real victory against the forces of evil in our town, I have a feeling this won’t be the last.


10 thoughts on “The castle walls are starting to crumble………….

  1. “the forces of evil in our town” …. really? Old farts like me know evil …. this council is not evil. Nest builders, sometimes short sighted maybe but not evil. I’ve been here before and admire your digging and the drawing back of the curtain on issues but that description is going way beyond what’s credible and in poor taste as well.


  2. Mayor Cooper gave us the answer herself. Her handlers thought Bob would vote with them and didn’t rehearse her enough when she gave her reason for not recusing herself. Not the first time for her and her supporters get what they voted for.
    Bob will probably need kind words and lots of support because he really stepped up and did what was right for Collingwood. Let’s show him that doing the right thing makes you stronger in the eyes of the electorate.

  3. WTF!, hold the phone folks …. CPUSB board members are paid? No,can’t be?! So what you’re saying is Cooper somehow “overlooked” perhaps one of the most obvious examples of a conflict of interest ?

    • Robert, yeah she fully knew it was a conflict but as far as she was concerned all they needed was Bob and once bob voted their way conflict or not this was a done deal. It’s what you call a Hail Mary.

      • Wow, that’s bold….or really stupid. The greasy Walkerton scare tactic Cooper/Lloyd/Edwards used to support their vote was an amateur move as well. I wonder if they came up with that one on their own?.

  4. I attended Monday night’s meeting and people in the audience were dumbstruck that Mayor Cooper did not declare a conflict especially after Councillor Fryer did. I have to believe this was not an act of ignorance or stupidity but one of sheer defiance. The citizens of Collingwood deserve a much greater level of respect and due process especially from our Mayor.

  5. So glad Bob voted on the bright side, Cooper, Lloyd and Edwards stuck together (no surprise) and kept their little voting block going. The BIG question around Town today is what you have included in your blog…..why did Sandra Cooper not recuse herself from the vote ???? A lot of people want to know and a lot of them were Cooper supporters…

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