Stereotypical behaviour begets stereotypical commentary by VFAN

You folks never cease to amaze me. I haven’t felt much like writing this blog of late. I put out the cycling/redneck blog on the weekend as a trial balloon to see if I still have an audience. Much to my surprise that post was getting close to 80 views per hour at one point Sunday evening.

A comment about that post by someone with the handle “A” as follows, got me thinking:

“Can you imagine the outrage if a couple of black guys gave you trouble on your bike and you wrote this piece with similar stereotypes?”

An interesting concept so let’s deal with it in typical VFAN fashion – head-on:

I suppose that would actually depend on whether it was a just couple of black guys driving a Toyota Corolla having a bad day. Or whether they were a couple of black guys driving a pimped up Cadillac Escalade with all the windows rolled down and a little “Three 6 Mafia” blaring from the sound system. In that scenario there might also have been a 9mm Glock getting waved around out the passenger side window. Anyone who knows me knows that I would be just a likely, if not more so, to write that blog, as I am the redneck one. It would probably be entitled “How come Jane and Finch gang-bangers are such road hogs”. My point is if the perpetrators of the unacceptable behavior are being stereotypical then I don’t see any reason why that should not be pointed out, whatever the persons race colour or creed happens to be. The rednecks on Sunday were being stereotypical, so no need for anyone to get their politically correct knickers in a twist.

Before you all start sending me comments that I am stereotyping black people I’m not I’m stereotyping black gang members. Same as in my redneck post I am not stereotyping all white people just rednecks. Big difference.

Also anyone that knows me knows that I am not a racist, so getting back to the two guys in the Toyota Corolla, in that scenario they are neutral and void of any kind of stereotypical behavior and are just a couple of grumpy guys being obnoxious, whether they are black, white, Asian or Martians.

I know that this type of thing is a touchy subject, as many of my posts on this blog are, but well worth thinking about.


5 thoughts on “Stereotypical behaviour begets stereotypical commentary by VFAN

      • Oooh, can it be for me too? Any reason to applaud the exposure of the lying fraud Chadwick. A-holes like him and his buddies are always worth exposing!

  1. They are a product of their environment
    It’s not their fault.
    The signs on the Main Street says “Pedestrians must yield to vehicles”,
    Where else in the world would you see such a ridicules statement?
    As a cyclist you are free game get up on the sidewalk were you belong.

  2. You are so correct.
    I echo your comment. You were stereotyping the rednecks in the pick-up, not all white people driving down the road. Just as in your second description, You were stereotyping gang-bangers, not all black people. We have to stop and relax a little. Political correctness has gotten way out of hand. It is often difficult to make an honest observation without someone yelling racist.

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