For god sake someone take our Mayor’s computer away from her.

Our feckless Mayor continues to show that she is not really up to the task at hand. Which is to run our town and try not to make us a laughing stock, in public and on social media.
I have had a few people point me in the direction of her Twitter account and links that she keeps putting on there. She obviously doesn’t have a clue what she is linking to or actually what she is doing on there. I berated our Mayor around a year or so ago, because she was continually blocking people from accessing her Twitter feed. I now wish I had left well alone.

This first Tweet is a doozy:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 26
Congrats to #graduates .@CCI #hardwork paid off @Collingwood

When you click on @CCI you link to the following Twitter account:

Tweet 1

Which seems to be a soft porn website with links to online dating websites.

The next Tweet hits pretty close to home for Sandra, being as her son is a member of the Catholic School Board:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 25
Shoutout to #graduates. .@JeanVanier Catholic Secondary @Collingwood

When you click on @JeanVanier… I’m not sure what Jean Vanier school this links to but its not the one in Collingwood. Shawn are you not monitoring this stuff?

Take a look at this Tweet:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jul 16
#HabitatforHumanity 2 families will soon have a new home .@Collingwood

Tweet 2

She continues to make this boo-boo click on @Collingwood. It’s not the towns Twitter feed, it’s Shop Collingwood. C’mon Sandra you’re Mayor of our town the least you can do is know how to link to the towns Twitter account.

In this Tweet:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 23
#groundbreaking @l’ecole. @Collingwood #Simcoe

Click on @l’ecole and it links to this:

Tweet 3

It keeps going on and on:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 20
#construction ahead of #schedule @HumeStreet #Collingwood

Click on @HumeStreet and it links to someone named Rachel Lawson. A very attractive young lady she is, but she has nothing to do with the Hume St remediation project.

And again:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 17
#GreatLakes #FisheryCommissioner Bob Lambe @GLSLCI @Sarnia-Lambton

Click on @Sarnia and it seems she is someone from Pennsylvania whose Tweets are protected.

Last but not least folks:

Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper Jun 8
Backup traffic @400 southbound past InnisfilBeach Rd

Click on @400 and it links to the Indianapolis Star.

Now some of you might think that I am being a little nit picky here. But Sandra Cooper is and continues to be that Mayor of our town, the least she can do is learn how to use her social media accounts without making a complete ass of herself.


9 thoughts on “For god sake someone take our Mayor’s computer away from her.

    • Hi Barry. I think VFAN’s point is valid. If this was Sandra’s personal twitter account, then it’s really none of our business…but it’s not.

      Her twitter account reads
      Sandra Cooper
      Mayor of The Town of Collingwood
      Councillor for the County of Simcoe

      So she is using this account to represent us both as the Mayor, and as a County Councillor.

      Having said that, she just posted a tweet that reads…

      Sandra Cooper ‏@mayorSCooper 32 minutes ago
      Beautiful #SunsetPoint #park @Collingwood

      Not only is the link to her own town wrong (it goes to the Shop Collingwood account), but her link to the County she represents is also wrong. It goes to this;

      simcoe ‏@simcoe 11 Mar 2009
      At the Mod Club waiting for Slooooaaaan

      simcoe ‏@simcoe 6 Dec 2008
      Just setting up accounts on some popular web services for my band!
      8:32 PM – 6 Dec 2008 · Details

  1. Pretty obvious whatever arrangement she had with Shawn to run her Twitter account during the campaign has ended. She doesn’t even seem to grasp the difference between an account vs. a hashtag and seems to think she can use them as she wishes. The parallels in arrogance and incompetence between the make-up-the-rules-as-you-go style of mayoral leadership and the use of her Twitter account are just too funny to ignore. Basic social media, getting a promotion from cashier, being an effective leader… #fail or is that @fail!

  2. When the draft of the new “Code of Conduct” was presented to the Corporate Services Standing Committee last week, Sandra was the one who stressed the importance of having a social media policy for Councillors.

    Irony dies another death…

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