Elvis Presley Enterprises bullies local film company into submission…………..

One of the things that really pisses me off, about the Collingwood Elvis Festival, is the money in licencing fees that we send down to Elvis Presley Enterprises every year. No matter whether the festival makes money or not.
I received a copy of a press release from Tracey Johnston this evening. Tracy is a film producer with Mountain Goat Film Company Inc. Apparently this is a local film production company based in Town of Blue Mountain and owned by a guy named Tom Strnad. The company has done various documentary type films for CBC, The Movie Network and Super Channel, so they are obviously no slouches. I had no idea that a company like this existed in our area. They had applied for and were granted full access to behind the scenes of the Collingwood Elvis Festival, to shoot scenes for a film that they are making called King for a Day. A documentary film about the Collingwood Elvis Festival. They had spent months already in production doing interviews with local and provincial politicians. But they received notice just hours before the festival started, from the Town of Collingwood’s communications officer Jennett Mays telling them that Elvis Presley Enterprises had put the Kybosh on any behind the scenes filming. There was no reason given in the press release, as to why EPE would behave in such a strong armed manner, but you can bet that the reason is probably because they are not getting any “ving” from MGFC Inc. So are not interested in allowing such a venture. Never mind the fact that a local company had a chance to promote and highlight CEF. Make no mistake this is all about the money.

I didn’t have any idea a film company of this type existed so close to home. You would think that if Elvis Presley Enterprises were interested in getting a local view point on this event, that they would seize on the opportunity this film brings to the table to promote this tacky festival to the world. I would hazard a guess that the Town of Collingwood, in its efforts to continually kowtow to this overbearing, bullying, multi-national company, Elvis Presley Enterprises, never raised a word in protest about this situation, even though our tax payer money gets shoveled endlessly at this event every year. I can guarantee the licencing fees owing are continually paid on time every time, because we would very quickly be hearing from a $1,000 per hour American legal firm. But EPE doesn’t care about that as long as the goose keeps laying the golden egg.

I have been yelling from the rooftops for 3 years now, that it is now long past time that our town cut its ties with this festival and Elvis Presley Enterprises. Make this thing pay for itself and start charging the organizers of this event the real costs for town resources, which continue to enable this event to proceed and in turn continue to ship thousands of dollars down to the head offices of EPE.

The press release can be found in the attachment below:



5 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Enterprises bullies local film company into submission…………..

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  3. And how many years did it take to get rid of Tricky Ricky and (most of) the gang???….keep shouting – it’ll be a while. I’m guessing not until we have something new and shiny to replace El Fest (or the Mayor) will this obnoxious street party come to an end.

  4. You are right on. EPE was started after Elvis Presley died and his estate was left to his only child. Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie was under age to manage the estate so Priscilla promptly stepped up to do so and is a member of the Church of Scientology who controls everything. When Lisa Marie came of age, she didn’t want to manage anything so Priscilla carried on with it and it is making millions.
    Now, in my opinion, the Town of Collingwood is getting sucker punched every year for the past 21 years by EPE. The festivals go on, we pay EPE, we pay for extra workers, we cut people off from shopping downtown, we give out free bus service and on and on. Also, last year when Priscilla came to Collingwood (to sell her book) she should have paid her own expenses as she is a promoter for EPE…..she is living off EPE. I think maybe a vintage Blue Mountain Pottery statue would have been an acceptable gift, not the amount of money and services she received.
    There was a documentary about Elvis impersonaters on TV about a year ago, it followed one man all over Canada and the U.S. and even to Collingwood. I watched it and kept my eyes peeled for the credits and yup, thank you, thank you very much EPE, Graceland, and Priscilla Presley.

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