The Nothing “Scandal”

Do any of you remember Seinfeld, the TV sitcom about nothing? That’s what this Duffy “scandal” reminds me of, a scandal about nothing. I don’t really give a damn whether Harper knew about the $90,000.00 cheque or not, and he more than likely did know about it. In fact I would have gladly chipped in some of that $90,000.00 to shut Duffy’s smirking fat pie-hole up. But the media and the Harper/Con haters are having a field day with this thing, breathlessly reporting on every minor detail coming out of this trial.

During this election campaign I have not heard the name Mac Herb mentioned. He was a former liberal senator who will be on trial for swindling the long suffering taxpayers of Canada out of over $230,000 in illegal expense claims. He was actually supposed to be in the same court that Duffy is in right now, but he was conveniently granted a continuance until December when this current election will be long forgotten. The media seems to conveniently forget his name when talking about “Conservative” senate expense scandals. Another thing that the media might want to do if it were fair and balanced, is ask the question who is paying for Duffy’s $1 million defence in this case? He couldn’t afford to pay back the $90,000 that he swindled us out of, so how is he paying $800 per hour for his top notch legal team? Now that is a question worth asking but I have never heard anyone mention it
In the scheme of political scandals this Duffy situation pales in comparison to AdScam, but it seems the media are trying to give it as much credence as that multi-million dollar scandal and as far as I remember, during the 2006 federal election campaign, didn’t get anywhere near the same coverage and bad press as this “scandal” seems to be getting. Another scandal that has been buried by the media is a little closer to home and involves the federal NDP. 68 (NDP) members of parliament, inappropriately used parliamentary resources for certain employment, telecommunication and travel expenses, to the tune of $2.7 million. They were ordered by a parliamentary committee and the speaker of the house of commons to pay this money back but they continue to refuse to do so. Now that’s a scandal, but good luck getting the CBC or CTV to report about it, or ask “Smiling Tom” any questions about it. Maybe in a similar manner that they continue to grill Steven Harper about who knew what, where and when in the Duffy case.

But then again Steven Harper is not as warm and cuddly as the media’s choices for the next prime minister “Hair Apparent Justin” or “Smiling Tom”. In fact the media seems to despise Harper, the body and facial language of the reporters make it quite obvious when they report anything about him. The fact that the current PM has done an adequate job running the country through some fairly difficult times seems to get lost in all the rhetoric that gets put out in the daily news cycle. I don’t particularly like Harper, he is probably the kid at school I would have taken great pleasure in bundling him in his gym locker and locking the door. But I am one of those strange voters that can vote for politicians without actually liking them.

All this nonsense is doing is driving the undecided voters into the smarmy opportunistic arms of “Smiling Tom”, who strangely enough is no longer “Angry Tom” since this current election campaign has started. I just checked the latest polls and the NDP are moving towards majority territory. God help us all. I have lived through some of the worst NDP/Socialist regimes in this world the Glen Clarke NDP government in BC sent me scurrying out of that province to Ontario. The Jim Callaghan Labour government sent me scurrying out of the UK to Australia. Then the Bob Hawke Labor government sent me scurrying out of Australia to Canada. The problem I have now is I don’t have any more scurrying left in me, although a “Windbag” provincial government with a “Smiling Tom” federal government might send me packing to a grass hut and beach down south somewhere.

I don’t expect the media to ignore this Duffy situation, but it is not up to the media to decide that this country needs a regime change and then be selective on what it reports about in an election campaign. Fortunately this Duffy trial will be over in a week or so, just in time for the voters in Canada to really start paying attention to this federal election, hopefully at that point we can start to hear about the real issues that matter to this country, not faux political scandals.


5 thoughts on “The Nothing “Scandal”

  1. I agree with you 100%…..this “scandal” does not deserve any of the airtime it is getting….a
    s you point out, the other parties have all had their scandals, small and large!….enough already!!!!!
    Let’s get on with the really important issues….like the world economy,… trying to keep ours healthy in a time of such immense turmoil is not going to be easy and we do not need leaders with no experience trying to run the country at a time like this!!!!!!

  2. I personally feel the same as you. This is much ado about nothing. The NDP owe the taxpayers over 2 million dollars. Where is the talk about that? With regards to the Duffy issue, the Canadian taxpayers got their money back. I don’t really care who paid it or who knew about it. Let’s get the election focused on the real issues of the day. Economy, Balanced Budgets, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

    It almost seems that the scandal is not big enough to be ignored. Ontario ignored the Provincial Liberal scandals that added up to well over a billion dollars. We seem to be ignoring the millions still owed by the NDP, but we sure like to spend a lot of air time arguing over who paid back $90 thousand to the taxpayers.

    Based on history, the NDP will likely get in for they have the biggest dollar scandal this time.

    • I think the question is not who paid the $90K, but whether the PM lied about knowing. I think if he had just admitted knowing from the start then this would have been a relatively minor issue. Who was it who said “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”?

      Personally I think being able to tell lies is a pre-requisite to being Prime Minister. A candidate who cant lie probably won’t get elected in the first place. Once in office s/he could get the country into serious problems if s/he goes around telling the truth all the time.

      Just be thankful I have once again talked my employer Mr Bunkertoad out of entering politics (he now realizes that building a fence across the Bruce Peninsula to keep out the murderers and rapists may not be a vote-winner).

  3. My take on this is very simple
    If he is willing to lie about a measly $90,000 what else is he willing to lie about
    His time is up let’s move on
    And that all I have to say about that.

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