To insure prompt service……..

Are any of you getting sick and tired of the current tipping situation in restaurants?

TIPS stands for “To insure prompt service”. These days waiters and waitresses will sometimes provide absolutely abysmal service in a restaurant and then look down their nose at you, if you have the temerity to only leave a 10% tip.
I was reading about a situation in New Jersey last week where a group of 8 people went to a restaurant and it took over an hour for their meal to arrive. When they paid the bill they did not leave a tip and wrote in the section where it says gratuity “LOL – an hour for food”. As is the norm these days the offended waitress took no ownership for the crap service her and her employer gave and posted the offending receipt online, blurring the person’s name. This went viral and the local mayor even weighed in and berated the offending restaurant patrons. A tip in a restaurant should not be a human right, it is and should continue to be at the discretion of the person being served. So if we as patrons at an eating establishment get poor service, it should be quite acceptable not to tip.
This situation is quite unique to North America. Most places around the world seem to be immune from this phenomenon. When dining out at restaurants overseas, a tip does not seem to be expected and very well received when given. I can not in all honesty say that restaurant service is any worse in those jurisdiction’s than it is here in North America.
One of the reasons tipping seems to have got so out of hand, is wait staff now have to pay tax on an extra 10% of their salary whether they received that amount of tips or not, so that is probably the reason for all the moaning. It seems that this happened because in the past there was a lot of tax fraud in the restaurant industry, with wait staff not declaring their tips as part of their salary, so the RevCan clamped down. Now it is the problem of the long suffering restaurant patron to pick up the slack in this service industry.
I have no problem tipping well if I receive a meal that is well prepared in a timely manner from a friendly waitperson who is attentive but not bothersome and happy not grumpy. But I am damned if I should feel obliged to tip a minimum of 15% however the food is thrown in front of me. Another thing that I find quite annoying is when I am served by an owner of an eating establishment and they expect a tip as well, tipping has now got completely out of hand and needs a complete makeover.
I have an idea that would make the whole going out to restaurants a much more pleasant experience. Restaurants should start paying wait staff and restaurant employees a more appropriate wage of say $15 – $20 per hour instead of minimum wage, then increase the prices in restaurants to cover this increase and get tipping back to what it was originally meant to be “To insure prompt service”.


5 thoughts on “To insure prompt service……..

  1. Back in the old days, if a server did a good job I would refrain from giving him a damn good thrashing. Things are ridiculous these days. Political correctness gone mad if you ask me!

  2. The movement, you have stated, has already been started in NYC, a few restaurants are paying their staff more and have requested patrons to refrain from tipping. Now we just have to get this movement expanded, maybe starting in Collingwood would be a good idea !!

  3. Odd that Government goes after people who don’t make a living wage but of the 60 most wealthy Canadian corporations only 4 pay the tax rate they are supposed to. (25%) Conservative policy is rewarding corporations and killing off demand for product when the middle class can’t afford to purchase goods and services recipe for disaster.

  4. Just so you understand most restaurants do not even pay the minimum wage because they are exempt
    I agree they need to be paid a living wage.

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