Where’s the hidden agenda talk now?

As many of you know I am a political junky, I can’t get enough news on politics. Whether it be municipal, provincial, federal, American or even British. I have watched with a growing sense of horror as Canada’s electorate seems to be considering giving the keys to 24 Sussex Drive to “Smiling” Tom Mulcair and his inexperienced, dope smoking, union organizing, in some cases twenty something, socialist hoards. I have nightmares most nights, about a federal cabinet that includes the squawking Peggy Nash.

I nearly choked on my morning Tetley the other day when “Smiling Tom” said that when he forms a new federal government he would not be running deficits and would balance the budget. I did notice that his hands were behind his back, so his fingers were probably tightly crossed, I also noticed that his nose grew around an inch while he made that statement with a straight face. Pinocchio would have been very proud of “Smiling Tom”. The truth is as Margaret Thatcher once said “The problem with socialists is they will always run out of other people’s money to spend”. The money we are talking about will be the same money Windbag and McGuilty have been spending since they took power in Queens Park, our kids, grand kids and probably great grand-kids money.

At some point in the near future, the above statement, about balanced budgets, will very quickly be forgotten as soon as Tom gets to look at the books and realizes what “a mess Harper has left him to clean up”. We have all heard this song and dance before and the 10 or 20 billion dollar deficits per year, will be nothing to do with national all-day kindergarten (free babysitting), or gutting our natural resource industry to save us from imaginary man-made climate change and thereby choking off Canada’s revenue source, or any of the other social engineering projects that a federal NDP government will thrust upon us. It will be Harper’s fault for cooking the books for years to come (remember Mike Harris).

I also noticed that “Smiling Tom” when asked the other week about raising taxes, he said very carefully that he would not be raising “personal” income taxes. And a gullible media were too busy gloating about all the nuances at the Duffy non-scandal trial to ask what I was screaming at my TV “What about carbon taxes and sales taxes???”. For some reason, probably because the mainstream media of this country despises Steven Harper and the movers and shakers have decided that regime change in Ottawa is now the order of the day. The preferred choice was Justin, but seeing as he has turned out to be what most of us that were paying attention already knew, a vacuous dolt with continuous “Foot in mouth disease”, the next best option seems to be “Smiling Tom”.

If you don’t believe me, think back to every election that Steven Harper has won, we always heard about the imaginary “Harper’s hidden agenda” the talking heads of the media were always talking about it. Apparently he was going to ban abortion, throw gays in jail, chain woman to the kitchen sink where they belong and open up gulags in Nunavik to throw all his political opponents in. None of which ever came to pass. I would wager that the “hidden agenda” talk probably cost the Cons at least another majority or even two in previous elections. The place I am going with this is, why is there no talk about the real hidden agenda of the socialists whom are leading quite handily in the opinion polls right now? If I may be so bold I will answer that question for you, the media and the press are biased, if they weren’t they would be asking “Smiling Tom” a few questions about the $2.7 million 68 of his MP’s swindled the Canadian tax payers out of. Or how he plans to balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting services? Or national carbon taxes that will put a final nail in the coffin of our already faltering oil and gas industry. Or what is his position on gas and oil pipelines? It’s too bad “Smiling Tom” will never show his face in Collingwood, because I believe Simcoe County will be one of the very few bastions to stay tory blue and he will never waste his time campaigning here. Because I would love to ask him a few of these questions that our national fawning media will never ask.


6 thoughts on “Where’s the hidden agenda talk now?

  1. Hi Mariane, great to hear from you. Actually the last time the feds balanced the budget was 2007. The next year we were fully entrenched with the financial crisis of 2008 and the libs, bloc and NDP threatened to bring down the minority Cons unless they stimulated the economy with deficit financing. The thing I worry about with deficits is when they become structural like the current situation in Ontario right now. What also bugs me is the free ride Mulcair is getting compared with Harper and to a lesser extent Justin.

  2. Why the hand-wringing over future deficits when we have had a deficit each of the last nine years? Debt as % of GDP is creeping back up, too, now at about 37%, up from 31% in 2002. (granted, waaaay down from 62% in 1997…)

  3. You are correct. He did repay the funds, however Harb was scheduled go to court in August to face one count of breach of trust and one count of fraud. His trial was postponed into the new year because the Duffy trial is taking longer than expected.(or – to ensure that all the negative attention stayed focused on the Conservatives)

  4. It is quite beneficial for the Liberals that the trial for the Liberal Senator who still owes over $200,000 has not started yet. I still don’t understand why the media does not even make a mention about that and rather spend all their time concerned with who paid back the taxpayers money owed by Duffy.
    I too fear that the NDP will win this one and do to the country what the Liberals have done to Ontario. It will become a competition on who can create the greatest deficit.

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