There but for the grace of God………..

I am sure that many of you like myself were horrified by the death of the three young children and their grandfather at the hands of an impaired driver on Sunday evening.

I am also sure that many of you at some point in your life (also like myself) have driven a motor vehicle as impaired if not more so than Marco Musso was on Sunday afternoon. How do I know this? Because I constantly see it. Drive past the Beaver and the Bulldog on a Tuesday evening “wing night” and the parking lot is overflowing out onto the street. Are we saying that every single person in that pub is drinking soft drinks and coffee? Not a chance. I won’t mention any names but I know a few people that drink and drive on a weekly basis, not just a couple of beers either, four, five, six pints of beer and not think twice about getting in their car and driving home. It doesn’t seem to matter how much myself and others try to stop this from happening, those people never seem to get the message. I will now try to use this horrendous situation as a teachable moment.

These days I never drink and drive, even if I have had just one drink. The Marco Musso situation is and has always been one of my worst nightmare scenario’s. Apparently he was at a stag in Vegas drinking the whole weekend, the media has been making a big deal about him being twice the legal limit at .16 mg of alcohol per litre of blood, which sounds like a lot but actually represents around 4 pints of beer or 4 glasses of wine within around 2 hours. This should put things into perspective for some of you ready to string Musso up from the nearest lamppost. Another thing that has had very little air play is that Musso had the right of way and the van pulled into Musso’s Range Rovers path from a stop sign. That’s the reason the injuries of the vans occupants were so devastating, side impact collisions are always the worst because seat belts and air bags offer very little protection. Rightly or wrongly because Musso had that amount of alcohol in his system this ends up being the deciding factor in this unfortunate situation. This should be an interesting one to watch because it will be up to the crown to prove that Musso’s blood alcohol level caused all this devastation and I am sure his family will provide him with a heavy duty legal team.

One last thing for all of you to ponder before you go out to dinner and have a glass of wine. If Musso had blown even .05 mg which represents around one and a half bottles of beer or one and half glasses of wine, he would still be facing similar charges, because impairment does not hinge on blood alcohol level. Also try having an accident with a couple of drinks in your system even one that is not as serious as the one above. The first thing that will happen is your insurance company will try not cover any damage to your vehicle.

So ladies and gentleman take a little advice from someone that has been as bad if not a worse person than Marco Musso (just luckier is all).



4 thoughts on “There but for the grace of God………..

  1. Very well said. As I have often mused. I wonder how many people in the upscale restaurants have done the exact same thing after before dinner drinks, a bottle of wine or two at dinner and then after dinner drinks without giving a second thought that they’re impaired – either very or slightly. JBF

  2. First of all – It is great to have you back !
    Secondly – this is a strong lesson for us all. Everyone will quickly condemn Mr. Musso and rightly so. However there are still many out there that still insist they are capable of driving after having a number of drinks and using their cell phones at the same time.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    I only hope that the courts send a strong message in this case,

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