A conversation between a couple of “informed” voters

I was in a local supermarket the other day. While in the line waiting to pay for my groceries, I overheard the following conversation:

Lady: “Hi ****** how are you doing I haven’t seen you in ages.”

Man: Oh hi ******. Counting down the days until Monday.

Lady: Why what’s happening Monday?

Man: Finally get the chance to get rid of Harper.

Lady: Do you think he is going to lose?

Man: Oh yeah he’s done and it’s about time he’s ruined this country.

Lady: I haven’t been paying attention but things don’t seem to be too bad are they?

Man: Harper’s a little dictator he’s been a terrible PM. He’s just signed up for a trade deal that will destroy our car and farming industries. Then finally after he failed to get us into Iraq in 2003 now has our boys fighting in Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Lady: Oh really. Is he the one that wants to allow those women who are……….I can’t remember what religion it was……..

Man: They’re Muslims……..

Lady: That’s right, is he the one that wants to allow those woman from wearing those masks in public and when getting their citizenship?

Man: Yeah he’s totally that guy. Can you believe these people come to our country get all the benefits of living here and bring their backward customs and traditions here and Harper is allowing it just to get a few votes.

Lady: Oh I won’t be voting for him then………..

I was going to intervene but quite frankly I have grown weary of trying to state the case for the conservatives these past 3 months. This election is done, the country has collectively decided it’s time to veer sharply to the left and will put us in the hands of a failed drama teacher. All fiscal conservatives like myself can hope for now is that the liberals only get a minority and not a majority government.

Anyhow back to local politics…………


3 thoughts on “A conversation between a couple of “informed” voters

  1. It is scary that these people get the right to vote and don’t have the decency to do a little research. Other people will have heard the conversation and go home believing that what they overheard was true. After all, they overheard two other people agreeing on the “facts”.

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