“Wonder Boy” gets us all hopey and changy.

Election night reminded me of 2008 and America’s short lived hopey changy love fest for its newly minted Commander in Chief, although in Canada the masses decided to elect a hopey changy Nitwit in Chief.

I promised myself I wouldn’t watch the election results. But it ended up being like the odd time when you look at the sun, you know it’s bad and will leave dark spots in your vision, but you just can’t help yourself from peeking. I ended up watching it on Rebel Media, they did a live stream. Actually the results weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, after the past year of “Harper Derangement Syndrome”, by the CBC and CTV news, it’s a wonder the Cons managed to elect a dog catcher. I don’t think I have mentioned this before but I am a huge fan of proportional representation. Most the fawning news programs today have been crowing about the “Liberal Landslide”, but they actually only walked away with 7% more votes than the Cons but ended up with twice the amount of seats, also the Cons vote only decreased 200k votes from 2011, so the conservative base is still well and truly intact. Locally this whole area remained true blue, one of the few areas across Canada that did.
“Wonder Boy” has promised that this will be the last election using the “first past the post” electoral system, but he made that promise when the Libs were floundering in third place around the mid-twenties, now he and his cohorts have a nice comfortable majority that promise will disappear quicker than you can say “hair products”.

Another interesting fact is Justin is probably the least qualified person ever to hold the position of prime minister of our great country, he dabbled at McGill university getting his teachers degree and a BA. Taught a little drama at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in West Vancouver. Then went back to university, dabbled in engineering, dropped out. Tried for his Master of Arts degree dropped out. Then did a little acting for a year or so, then sought public office. After getting himself elected as MP for Papineau, that position is the longest job or actually any endeavor he has ever held down.

I suggest if not for his famous father he never would have got the Liberal nomination for Papineau in the first place and would still be doing what most silver spooned trust fund schleppers do, dabble in a little of this and little of that but never really complete anything. I know many of you are enamored by our newly minted “Hair Apparent” and are probably saying that this blog is just sour grapes from some grumpy conservative white guy, but while watching the news today and doing my best to hold back the gag reflex, while grown men and women were fawning and tongue bathing our pretty boy prime minister; the age old story “The emperor has no clothes” came to mind. The whole point of having an electoral parliamentary system in this country, was to get away from monarchistic hereditary heads of government. The first time this situation has arisen in the history of Canada and the voters decide to elect a dilettante air head as their prime minister. If Justin’s surname happened to be Sauveterre or Blaise, I suggest that rather than holding the highest elected position in this land, he would be asking “Is that 2% or Homo in that latte?” It absolutely boggles my mind.

But most of us that have been paying attention know what this is really all about, Justin is just the pretty boy face of the real power brokers behind Canada’s natural governing party. As always I can find a way to see the bright side of things. The whipping boy Harper is now gone. His bunch of tea baggers have been sent packing over to the opposition benches. I have no doubt that this new left leaning version of the Liberal Party of Canada will in short order be doing what they do best, racking up debt and pork barreling their pals and insiders. For a political junkie like me that is way more fun to watch than boring old fiscal restraint and good governance. The fun has only just started.


14 thoughts on ““Wonder Boy” gets us all hopey and changy.

  1. Just imagine if the election had been a little longer the liberals could have one every seat
    Nothing like Karma biting you in the ass

    • Now you are dreaming in rainbow coloured technicolour Larry. Whether you like it or not there is a base of around 30% of the population that that will vote CPC. This last election proves that considering the shit kicking Harper got from all corners and he still had 5.6M people vote for what he was selling. What ever you like to believe he was never the bogey man you and all your other haters like portray him as.

  2. Wondering if you read Justin’s book? Just curious and obviously one would need to ‘consider the source’. I admittedly didn’t know much about him, his upbringing or his path to being an MP. It was well worth the read and gave some very interesting insights into what makes him tick, his flaws, etc. I would encourage others to read it prior to judging the book by its hair…I mean cover.

    • I don’t have to read his book Triguy, all I have to do is listen to the comments he has made as follows
      “Benefitting every single family is not what is fair.”
      “We have to grow the economy from the heart out.”
      “Whip out our Cf 18’s and see how big they are.”
      “We have to look at the root causes”.
      CTV interviewer: What will you do first day you are PM?
      Justin: pregnant pause…….UM, ER, another longer pregnant pause……..Er, um…….even longer pregnant pause…..that’s a very difficult question.

      “The deficit will balance itself.”

      “We have to change things even to the extent of space and time.”
      No Triguy I’ve read enough. This will end badly.

  3. Wynne will certainly be gloating now with a Liberal Federal Government in place. With both Wynne and Trudeau spending our money and increasing debt I am afraid we are in for some troubling times in the future. Debt levels are bad now and will only hurt us more when interest rates inevitably go up. Trudeau is also boasting support for fighting the perceived MMCC which will cost us all even more. The West will feel the pain at the ooil sands and with new Cap and Trade or Carbon Taxes likely on the agenda, we will all be reaching deep into all of our pockets quickly eliminating any promised tax breaks.

    • Batten down the hatches AR because this nationwide flirtation with Trudeaumania 2 is likely to last at least 2 election cycles. There is no one on the Con side coming down the pipe that will be able to counter the supposed appeal of this lightweight drama teacher. This is like Mike Harris all over again, only this time it will be Harper who is the bogey man in the closet. Libs are brilliant at this game and once they set the agenda the Cons can do very little to counter it.

      • Triguy,
        I don’t need to read his book I just had to listen to comments he made like below:

        The budget will balance itself.
        I intend to change things like time and space.

        I am a big admirer of China.

        Whip out our CF18’s and show how big they are.

        We have to get to the root causes of why these people hate us so much.

  4. I was very surprised to see friends and rellies from across the country on social media at the vitriol aimed at Harper. The posts were from young family members who were unleashing on Harper. Good news is that this age group finally got out to vote. Protest votes will do that.
    Hopefully there are some strong Libs who were elected who perhaps can get Justin moving in the right direction before too much damage can be done.
    Justin getting Hazel on his side was huge in the 905. Harper countering with the Ford Nation shows how much he has lost his grip.

    • Yeah the vitriol was way over the top the name calling was disgusting. I heard him being called a dictator a fascist Stassi (East German security service) Steve, Here Harper (I guess instead of Hitler). When all was said and done Harper was a centrist policy wonk who had a deep distrust of the media and people who did not agree with him politically. I felt rather sorry for him towards the end because he did not deserve the verbal shit kicking he received. I have no doubt he always did what was best for the country. All very sad.

  5. Hi there Nobody. I didn’t vote for the Libs as I think our MP is serving us very well.
    The two things that you fail to mention are that:
    1. Harper failed miserably in Marketing 101 and had no idea how to project himself or keep out of hot water, thereby not relating to the people and even the Cons brand. Just trashing the other guy didn’t work as well as against Dion and Iggie.
    2. Canada did not elect Justin at all. They turned out is masses, not seen since they rejected Kim Campbell, to reject Harper.
    So rather than just dumping on the beneciary of Harpers goofs, you should look inward a wee bit.
    Just sayin’

    • I agree completely Jakeman. But you have to go back 10 or 12 years to understand why Harper was the way he was. The media has always been against the conservative brand and Harper was always a bit of an introvert, this led to his siege mentality.
      As per most elections conservatives not only had to fight their political foes they had to fight the baying jackals of the press core.
      The one little bit of solace I get from all this is it will be fun to see Justin implode which he surely will.

      • In the Dion election, CTV were noticeably antagonistic towards the Liberals. Mike Duffy – their leading attack dog – later got rewarded with a seat in the Senate. I agree there was something of an anti-Harper leaning in the media in this election. Even the National Post – which endorsed the Constervatives – seemed lukewarm about it.

      • Sun Media, the National Post, the Globe and Mail, CFRB 1010 and 640 AM radio in Toronto all strongly supported the Conservatives and Steven Harper.
        Trudeau won but not so much as much as Steven Harper lost.
        I hope for the sake of Canada that Trudeau surrounds himself with a solid team and brings us back to where we belong economically, socially, internationally and heals the divisions created over the past 8 years.

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment Fred. The divisions you talk about are not all the responsibility of Steven Harper which you will soon see in the next 6 months or so.
        Also I’m not sure what you mean by “back to where we belong”.an international committee has voted Canada best place to live in the world 4 out if the last 6 years. See link below:

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