Loree Forest brouhaha challenges my libertarian roots.

Those of you that find this blog through the VFAN Facebook site will know that I consider myself a “libertarian” conservative. I’m not sure what libertarianism means to many of you but to me it means various levels of government, in most cases, need to keep out of my way and let me pay and raise my family in my own way without nanny state interference around every corner. The problem is, for this to work we all need to have some thought for the needs of others in society.
I inadvertently stumbled across a situation earlier today that stretches the bounds of my libertarian roots, it pains me to write this blog, but write it I must.
I was out doing a little hiking up in Castle Glen today with my two daughters and ratty little dog. It actually wasn’t a serious hike just a stroll and a catch up with my girls. We got to the lake and sat at a picnic table enjoying the fall sunshine, taking in the lake and quiet ambiance. In the distance we heard a faint sound that was like a cross between a swarm of bees and a gaggle of lawnmowers. This sound got louder and louder until out of the trees came three of those off road motocross motorcycles going at a very high rate of speed. Then as fast as they arrived they disappeared up the trail, that if we had not decided to take a few minutes break we would have been walking up and maybe getting run over by these wayward motorcycles.

I said to my oldest daughter something to the effect of “It’s people like this that ruin things for the rest of us”. Meaning Castle Glen is privately owned land and the place has “No Trespassing” signs pretty much everywhere, but in the fifteen years my family and I have been going up there, no one has ever bothered us or shooed us away. Noisy two and four stroke motorcycles tearing along the paths at vast rates of speed are a completely different story, especially if they hit someone or someone’s dog. This led to my daughter telling me about a situation that has arisen in Loree Forest, another popular hiking locale for my kids and I.

The following link explains the whole brouhaha that was discussed in a public meeting on 5th October:


I actually didn’t believe what my daughter was telling me, which was that the local Hummer Adventure Tours was going up through Loree Forest and tearing the crap out of part of the Bruce Trail that runs along the top of Georgian Peaks ski hill. So we drove up to Loree Forest from Castle Glen and walked along 5th Line until we came to this:


Which is pretty much what the last half kilometre of the main trail through Loree Forest looks like.

Then you get to the Bruce Trail and it looks like this:


The above pictures do not do the actual situation justice, but those diveted trenches are made by the wheels of the Hummer, ATV’s and other 4 wheel drive vehicles, they are up to 3 feet deep and make it impossible to walk along the main trail through Loree Forest and that part of the Bruce Trail.

As I said earlier I am fundamentally a libertarian, but for this philosophy to work, others in society need to not be selfish, have a modicum of common sense and an abject sense of fairness. The Town of Blue Mountain needs to block the entrance to Loree Forest and make it pedestrian access only, this is a no brainer to me.


6 thoughts on “Loree Forest brouhaha challenges my libertarian roots.

  1. Why not let them use the roadway section of the trail with the responsibility of re-grading and repairing the ruts on a weekly basis? The moto-cross bikes should be allowed in order to remain inclusive, but only if they do not travel faster than 5kph.

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