“Imagine” If the Barbarians put down their Kalashnikovs

A few people have been asking me these past few days, why I haven’t commented on the slaughter in Paris last Friday. The truth is I am weary of the whole situation. I remember feeling the same way in the late seventies and early eighties when the IRA were bombing the crap out of my original homeland Great Britain. The one major difference back then, was my fellow countryman seemed to have more of a united feeling that we would endure everything the terrorists would throw at our country and would never give in to their bombs and bullets.
In this current war our left leaning leaders, including Obama and Justin, will not even call the barbarians out for what they actually are. Namely Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, who follow a religious doctrine with its roots firmly set in the eighth century. I am so thoroughly tired of the usual pacifist bromides and the endless candle lit vigils, every time these psychopathic killers slaughter innocent people going about their daily business, that do absolutely nothing, except make those who are participating feel a little better about things.

I wonder what was going through the mind of the guy while he was playing his awful piano version of “Imagine”, outside the Bataclan Theater the other evening. I also wonder about all those thousands of people that shared that video on Facebook and Twitter. What immediately comes to mind is that none of these people actually get it. The only thing the head choppers and homicide bombers can “Imagine” is how many infidels they can slaughter before they enter paradise and meet their 72 virgins.
The second thing floating around the interwebs that really pissed me off, the last few days, was someone had reinvented that tired old peace sign from the sixties in the shape of an Eiffel Tower in a circle. You peaceniks can desire and yearn for as much peace as you want, but if an ISIS lunatic decides to walk into your local coffee shop with a Kalashnikov and a homicide belt, I’m not sure singing “Give peace a chance” will do much to stop him.
The slaughter we all witnessed in Paris is merely the tip of the iceberg, because the one common thread I keep seeing after most of these brutal attacks, is when the security services and the media talk to any of the terrorists neighbors, the comment is usually “he seemed like such a nice person, always friendly and quite normal”. Which brings me to our federal government’s insistence to carry on full steam ahead with bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year. We all know that Justin will break a few of his election promises, why can’t this be his first? The reason is simple he and his government are way too arrogant to admit that this timeline and course of action was wrong in the first place. Especially wrong now that we find out one of the homicide bombers at the Stade de France, was actually a refugee from Syria. I was reading the other day that when Islamic State finally overthrew the Assad regimes forces in Raqqa, they inherited 5,000 freshly minted Syrian passports with no names or photos in them, from one of the captured government offices there. How many of those passports have ended up among the 25,000 refugees that are about to descend on a city near you? The feckless Ralph Goodale even admitted the other day that the system can’t be “100% foolproof”. I say if it can’t be 100% foolproof then don’t bring them to our shores. I also say that one way we can be 100% foolproof is to only allow Yazidis, Kurds and Christians, which is actually what the Cons were doing and were slated for during the election campaign, not very politically correct I admit, but somewhat foolproof.

For once I agree with Vladimir Putin this scourge that has now descended upon our civilization needs to be brutally wiped from the face of this planet, by any means necessary. In the mean time you pacifists and peaceniks can do the heavy lifting by starting Facebook pages demanding peace and singing your tired old John Lennon songs.


14 thoughts on ““Imagine” If the Barbarians put down their Kalashnikovs

  1. I agree that playing John Lennon songs and posting peace signs on Facebook is far from being any kind of solution, apart from “feeling” like one is doing something. The situation is so complex that it is unreasonable to think that we can fully understand the entirety of events that have brought us to this current time frame of on-going violence, by simply watching the news (which is primarily geared by propaganda) , and/or reading articles on the internet (including one’s like this blog). One just has to google “dealing with ISIS” to see the hundreds of articles with advice on what to do. I am thinking that to find a coordinated, sequential series of physical responses, leading to a peaceful conclusion, is just as complex as the events that got us here in the first place. Just my 10 cents.

  2. I find the naiveté of the warmongers around us stunning. Two trillion spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, now both countries are broken and the Taliban and ISIS are moving back in. Oh, but this time it will be different! Apparently there are currently over one-thousand factions fighting in Syria, and you want to go fight ONE of them. Good luck with that.

    Maybe singing Imagine is infantile, but then it’s right up there with sentiments like “this scourge needs to be brutally wiped from the face of this planet, by any means necessary.” I’m still waiting for anyone to tell me exactly how this is done – give me details – no one has a clue. But let me guess “Nuke’em all”

    Canada pulls out and ISIS uses this as propaganda, Canada bombs Syria – ISIS uses this as propaganda. This is a lose-lose situation. Get the fuck out, let them sort it out. And if we can help clean up the mess then good on us.

    • Hi Bill I don’t think you have commented before welcome.
      I find that the peaceniks and pacifists do not live in the real world. As much as we would all love to live in a world of peace and freedom. ISIS has brought the fight to Paris, London, Ottawa, New York, Brussels et al. I am not interested any longer with your left wing bleating about who did what in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is now the job of civilised countries to clean up the mess.
      My idea would be for Kurds, Iraqis, Iranians, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Saudis form an Arabian expeditionary force backed by a western coalition and Russia. This military force routes out and kills ISIS on a street by street, town by town basis all the way up to Raqqa. Once that is done negotiations and a rebuilding plan similar to the marshal plan after the second world war takes place. Western countries then need to make it very clear that our societies have no room for radical Islam.

      • Thanks Colin, glad to be part of the conversation.

        ISIS brought the fight to Ottawa, now that’s a stretch. You can’t scare me with that nonsense.

        “bleating about who did what in Iraq and Afghanistan…” now who’s not living in the real world? You do know that by not being aware of this recent history we are most definitely doomed to repeat it. Clean up the mess? that is one supersized fantasy my friend. Akin to our war on drugs. You are not going to clean up an ideology. Maybe with education, but not with bombs. Our bombs are like little exploding recruitment ads.

        I concur with your thoughts on getting the Middle East involved in solving the Middle East – dahh whodaa thunk it. Most wars were ended with diplomacy, not killing. And as for no room for radical Islam – as an atheist I say Amen to that!

      • Bill… You note that idealism cannot be wiped out with bombs. Need one be reminded that the Nazi’s had a similar goal of purifying the world and having the Nazi mentality take over. ISIS is not as organized, and fortunately for us they do not have the same number of followers. ISIS wants to eliminate those that do not believe in their extremist views. They want to eliminate Catholics and Muslims alike. Only ISIS extremists belong. As with Hitlers Nazis, negotiations will not work. Bombs did !
        I totally agree that the Kurds, Iraqis, Iranians, Jordanians and all the neighboring countries should be at the forefront of the fight with support from the rest of the world. I cannot understand why they are not leading the charge.

  3. I find it interesting to hear the Government say Canada is only participating in 2% of the bombing runs so we are not really contributing so we are pulling out. However when Trudeau leaves the G20 summit and heads over to Paris for the Climate Change Summit, I am sure that we will not hear that since Canada is only responsible for 1.6% of greenhouse gas emissions so we are not really significant so we are pulling out.
    ISIS needs to be dealt with and they are not interested in negotiating. The difficult thing to deal with is that ISIS works on a different universe than the rest of us. They have no rules other than their own. They do not even follow the basis of the Muslim religion. They are extremists and can only be dealt with as such. I find it insulting when the UN issues cries of “war crimes” when the bombing raids hit the clinic that was staffed with Doctors without Borders. Yes, it was a terrible tragedy, but certainly not a war crime. The UN should be all over the atrocities performed by ISIS. Last time I looked, beheading civilians in the name of your fight would certainly qualify as a war crime. Canada has a strong and well trained armed forces and we should stand beside our allies and do whatever needs to be done. That means more than sending more humanitarian aid and training. Sending instructors with milk and cookies just won’t cut it.

    • That’s a great analogy vis a vis the whole climate change responsibility verses our military contribution CC. When Justin made his first real news conference in regards to this grave situation Friday evening, he looked like a dear in the head lights. I have never heard so many ums, ahs and ers in a 5 minute news conference. Justin is very quickly finding out that being PM of a G7 nation is more than selfies, photo ops platitudes. I fear the steep learning curve required could be beyond his mental capacity. This is not his father’s son.

  4. Interesting that you mention ‘the troubles’. If I follow your logic, I think you night be saying we should have banned Christian immigrants and refugees coming to Canada since the terrorists in Ireland and England were Christian Catholics and Christian Protestants.

    • Nice to hear from you Marianne. At that period in time Justin’s father was PM and understandably kept out of that fight, so no that logic you follow is not relevant. I might add though I worked in London in construction at that time. There has always been a lot of Irish working in that industry, many of which worked side by side with us during the day and were ira sympathisers by night.

    • One regret I have always had Larry is that I never joined the armed forces. If I were 30 years younger and in the military I would be more than happy to lay my life on the line to fight this scourge to mankind.

      • Are you still here I thought for sure you would have shipped out by now
        No accuses I figure we should send anyone that wants to take up the cause .
        If we can send young men,there is no reason why we can’t send the elderly ( let’s face it you don’t have much time left any way).
        Iam sure you and some of the like minded can book a flight to get you right into the heart of the action
        I will be glad to work as your travel agent and get all of you the best possible deal on your flights

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