The emperors fiddle while Rome burns

Those of you that are of a socialist, lefty, progressive bent, must be absolutely beside yourself with glee lately. By the end of this week there will no conservative governments in charge anywhere across Canada, provincial or federally (Brad Wall’s right of centre Saskatchewan Party does not count, because it doesn’t suit the current narrative of this post). Also if you take into consideration the ineffective socialist seat warmer, kicking his heals in Washington, the liberal/progressive brand has never had it so good in this country. So now there are no excuses, we should be heading for a period of liberal utopia, a land of milk and honey, social justice for all, water will turn to wine, the blind will see again…… Let’s see how that all works out for us.

Premier Windbag is giddy with self-assured pleasure whenever she has shown her Orvil Redenbacker like mug on the TV since October 19th. The arrogance of the woman seems to have no bounds. Apart from a few limousine liberals and champagne socialists from around Young and Bloor (plus Robert and Philip) she is probably the most despised premier since…………..well Dalton actually. She is running at around 20% approval rating these days and after she starts loading us up with her “cap and trade” tax grab thievery, will probably hit the low teens in popularity. I am at a place now that whenever she is on the news, spouting her nonsense in her very best school maam voice, giving us another lesson in how we should be living our lives, I can’t help but yell an expletive laden barrage at the radio. I was doing this the other week at a stop light on Highway 10 and forgot that I had the car window open. A lady in the car next to me, who also had her window open, looked like she was going to call the cops on me.

Anyway I digress, enough ranting about Windbag, I need to get the main thrust of this post out-of-the-way.

While we are on the subject of left-wing socialist windbag. Next week, the world’s leaders will gather in Paris to talk about the most devastating problem facing mankind……….No not the fact that the actual city that the mucky-mucks are in is under its biggest security crackdown since the Nazis were marching up and down The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. No they are not discussing the capital city of Europe, Brussels, being on a one week curfew, also for the first time since the second world war. Apparently the most pressing matter of our time is that The Maldives may or may not be under water by the middle of 22nd century, and how we should all beggar ourselves trying to stop this from happening, while China and India industrialize themselves by putting a coal-fired power plant online at a rate of one per week. In the past, it seemed whatever our prime ministers political persuasion was, they either just played lip service to this nonsense (Chretien) or quite rightly ignored it (Harper). The problem this time around is Justin. He will be front and centre at this gab fest if he can pull himself away from taking endless selfies with his adoring fans. God only knows what bag of tricks he will bring back for us. My guess is you better hold on to your wallets, because there will be no end to the picking of your pockets after this is all said and done.

On a different note, I had to laugh the other day when Ontario’s environment minister pontificate about how his government is saving the planet, by closing down its last coal-fired power plant. Well that takes care of the one China opened last week, now what about the next 150 they put on-line between now and the next environmental gabfest? The funniest thing is none of these politicians seem to know the difference between weather and climate. So one more time in a very slow Windbag like voice: “Weather is what you see when you look out of your window, climate is measured in decades and centuries”. If man has actually managed to change the climate, it will take centuries to change it back and we might need the help of a couple of the countries actually responsible for most of the carbon emissions these days. Me? I’d be glad if our winters got a tad warmer and would be more than happy to see the back of those -20C January and February’s. What could be better than a few beers on the patio on Family Day?

This conversation is far from settled, but unfortunately now that Tony Abbott and Steven Harper are gone, the last of the grown ups have left the table so it will take the Chinese, Indians and Brazilians to put a serious dent into this nonsense. I suppose if you are a wingnut like Bernie Saunders, who said “climate change is the root cause of ISIS” this Paris gabfest is quite relevant to the real issues that face mankind in 2015. But in the humble opinion of this loud mouthed, knuckle dragging Neanderthal, the worlds leaders are like a bunch of Nero’s fiddling while Rome is burning.


3 thoughts on “The emperors fiddle while Rome burns

  1. It is a sad shame that there will be no opportunity for opposing views at the climate change summit. This “invitation only” summit is being held strictly for believers. How can the politicians be expected to make good decisions when they are not allowed to hear the full story and opposing views? Not that many politicians like Wynne would actually listen. Canada will tax its’ citizens billions of dollars to prop up the government coffers.
    The fact remains that if Canadians stopped driving and we shut down all of our factories we may reduce our greenhouse gas emission contribution from 1.7% of the world total to 1% of the world total. In the end the earth will continue to have climate swings as it has for millions of years. Thank you for the opportunity to say my piece, and now I wait for the name calling to begin.

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