Such a “nice lady”

After the June 2014 Ontario provincial election, I was absolutely disgusted that a majority of voters in this province, had blindly given the most corrupt incompetent group of politicians that I have ever come across, a majority 4 year mandate to govern Ontario. The following day, I read a lot of commentary about this political Armageddon for our province. One piece that really stuck with me was this:

Written by 97.7 The Beach morning host Mariane Mcleod. I decided, the other day to go back and reread this post 18 months after the election and see how it made me feel (it still made me want to blow my brains out). I wonder if Mariane still feels the same way about the result of that election now. At the end of the post I left a comment, I wanted to say much more, but I was once admonished by Mariane for one of my comments on her blog, so I tread very carefully in that space these days.
I wonder if Mariane still thinks that Windbag is a “nice lady”. I never did, and it seems many agree with me. The premier is now running at around 21% approval rating, which is quite understandable she seems to have the same understanding of the provinces finances as a drunken sailor on shore leave. Add to that her unpleasant habit, when addressing the great unwashed populace, of talking and treating us like a bunch of stupid little school children. Obama also seems to have the same habit. Thinking about it, give Justin a couple of months to get beyond his Ers, Ums and Ahs, and I’m quite sure he will be talking to us in the same manner as well.

Last week, those of us in the province that were paying attention, were gob smacked when the Ontario Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, stated in her 2015 annual report on the state of the provinces finances; that since 2006 we long-suffering Ontario hydro customers have paid $37 billion more for our hydro than we needed to. The arrogance of these incompetent fools is breathtaking, Ontario’s energy minister Bob Chiarelli still tries to blame the Mike Harris conservatives for his own, Windbag and McGuinty’s mismanagement of the provinces energy file.
The problem is that during the last election many people like Mariane were fooled into thinking that now with this “nice lady” Windbag running things instead of McGuinty things will be different. When a government is corrupt and incompetent and the voters do a collective shrug at election time and reward them with another majority. That same government thinks it can continue to be corrupt and incompetent and eventually starts to think it will never pay the price at election time. This has led to an arrogance and tin ear syndrome, seldom seen in elected officials.

I know that many of you didn’t like Tim Hudak. But surely to god he can’t have been any worse than this bunch of idiots running our province now.

One last thing, the main guiding force behind Dalton McGuinty for the first few years of his mandate, was a fellow named Gerald Butts. He is Justin Trudeau’s chief political adviser now. Mariane thinks Justin is a “tall, slim, long-lashed fella with cut abs, some retro baggage, and a groovy wife” and Harper was “mean and judgy” like Hudak. Lets now see how this one works out for her.


2 thoughts on “Such a “nice lady”

  1. I’m so flattered you think of me! Merry Christmas to you!
    Reading back, I would amend some of my blog so as not to make it appear that -I- am a Liberal voter, as I am not one. I am a dedicated agnostic/atheist/independent/can’t be relied on at the voting booth.
    Do remember this part, too : ” I’m not saying she’s competent or smart or actually kind. I’m saying most of us want to align ourselves with someone we perceive as kind and nice, because we want to believe that we, too, are kind and nice.” I might amend that part, too, after meeting some people recently who avowedly do NOT want to be thought of as nice or kind.
    I stand by my thoughts on people perceived as meanies having trouble getting into power, although I somehow suspect Donald Trump will, ahem, trump that in the not too distant future.

    • Hahaha. I’m shocked your still paying attention Mariane. I hated picking on you, but as I said in my post for some reason your post on that election bothered me more than any other. You have a great Christmas also.

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