“The Donald” gets everyone’s knickers in a knot.

As I told you all a few posts ago, I am on a self-imposed exile from Canadian television news programs at present. I can’t stand the continual tongue bathing and meaningless blather, that is getting reported about Justin since the federal election. I tried going back to CTV last week and the first thing I saw was the treacly bit about Justin and Sophie in Vogue magazine. I wasted a perfectly good tenderloin steak after watching that gut wrenching nonsense. Also, the left of centre talking heads are such poor winners with their smug little smiles and snarky comments about how this new administration is so much better than the previous one. I usually end up with the strong urge to throw stuff at my TV. So rather than take the chance of destroying my flat-screen, I’ve been watching a lot of American 24 hour news programming of late.

I am enjoying the US election race this time around, and find myself watching endless news coverage and opinion about a certain Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong I could never support him because it would be an utter disaster if he ever became president, but he certainly is entertaining. By the way after some serious review my choice on the republican ticket is Marco Rubio. Although I do strongly disagree with his stance against abortion. But Marco Rubio will be a story for another day if or when he becomes the Republican nominee to run against Hillary.

Today it is my intention to get all you lefty’s (and maybe a few righty’s) frothing at the mouth because I am quite sure my opinion on Donald Trump is far from mainstream in Canada. The thing I find most interesting about “Donald” is that his rise in popularity, very much reminds me of Rob Ford’s mayoralty election and campaign back in 2009 – 10, but on a massive scale. Think about it, Rob Ford got himself elected mayor of Toronto by being a populist and doing lots of shooting from the lip. Plus he was an antidote against the far left David Miller. Many Americans are embracing Donald Trump because he is the complete antithesis of Barack Obama. Also, Trump is saying what many people are thinking, and in unguarded moments will say privately among themselves, but would never say in mixed political company.

After the San Bernardino terrorist attack, carried out by fundamentalist Muslims (no I will not use this new “radicalized” word everyone now seems to be using). Americans wanted their president to tell them what he planned to do to try to keep them safe, but what did they get from Obama? He looked irritated that he had been dragged from the golf course. One third of his speech was a monotone telling Americans that this has nothing to do with Islam because it’s a religion of peace, blah blah blah. Nothing about new security measures to tackle homegrown Islamic terrorists. No new screening of people coming from the Islamic terrorist hell holes around the world. Just his usual pabulum, in a monotone voice from a man who seems completely disinterested and detached from the whole situation.

Then a few days after Obama’s speech Trump gets on TV and says “stop all Muslims from entering the US”, obviously an impossible thing to do and Trump knows it. But now the conversation has started. It seems that the terrorist Tashfeen Malik was not even interviewed by US immigration officials in Saudi Arabia, prior to receiving her K2 visa to enter the US. I would think the very minimum that any western country should be doing is interview a potential migrant from a Muslim country (especially the country that spawned 75% of the 9/11 terrorists). In that interview ask a series of pointed questions to try to establish if that person has any sympathy or allegiance to any Islamic fundamentalist groups. Any suspicion on that front in all cases deny entry.

Like him or hate him, that conversation was actually being had a few night ago on CNN and would never happen unless Trump had said his silly “ban Muslims from the US” statement. He is starting conversations that a lot of Americans want to have, and no amount of the usual political correctness blather will stop him.

As I said I do not agree with much of what he says, but I do find it refreshing to actually hear someone say the types of things he is saying with no filter.

Whatever the final result of the US election, in my mind, Trump is a very welcome addition to the the slate of Republican candidates.

My favorite Trump quote:
“If I become president, Starbucks will be saying, ‘Merry Christmas’ again. That I can tell you.”


2 thoughts on ““The Donald” gets everyone’s knickers in a knot.

  1. For once I agree with most of what you say.

    Firstly, yes, the media need to toughen up with the Liberals and Justin Trudeau in particular. Arch-bore Peter Mansbridge was so fawning with him the other night I thought even Justin himself was about to puke! Now, I don’t have the problem with Justin that you seem to have, but I do think the media should stop being so patronising and get on with the job of casting a critical eye over government policy and asking difficult questions. Just like they did with that idiot Harper (towards the end anyway).

    I also see the ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ similarities between Ford (wince!) and Trump (another wince!). I think Trump’s outrageous statements are rather more planned and considered than many seem to think. I believe he has his finger well and truly on the pulse of the Republlcan voters, probably as a result of some very thorough and scientific behind-the-scenes canvasing/research. His problem will be that winning the general election is a completely different challenge. It involves appealing to the center….those 10% to 15% of voters in the middle who can go either way and decide the outcome. Trump has positioned himself a million miles away from those guys! He may think that he can moderate his message after he wins the Republican nomination, but unfortunately for him I don’t think that will be possible. He has gone way too far for that. A shame really, because I don’t think Hilary is a strong candidate. I would have at least liked to witness a competitive race instead of an annihilation.

    Be careful watching those US news channels! Fox isn’t a news channel at all; its an editorial channel. CNN seems to pick one story and devote the entire week (or longer) to it. I prefer the BBC channel, which acknowledges there are many interesting things happening in the world each day and provides thoughtful and inciteful coverage.

  2. In all fairness the Trumpster comment seems to be reported incorrectly on a regular basis. Something the media does to make headlines more sensational. Trump actually said he would “ban all muslims from entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. That is significantly different from simply saying that he would ban all muslims from entering the U.S.
    By selectively cutting the quote short, the statement is truly seen as a racist statement. By utilizing the full quote it merely states that he is attempting to impose extreme caution and give the government a chance to figure out how to better screen out the extremist fundamentalists.
    Canada is bringing in 25,000 Syrians (if they can find that many who want to come here), and we are from all accounts being very selective on who gets to come to Canada and who does not. Not the same as Trump’s statement, but very similar. The big difference is that Trudeau thinks he has figured things out.

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