Nothing but petty small town score settling

Some of you may have noticed that ‎I have kept my nose out of local politics for the last few months. Prefering to comment on the low hanging fruit that is the contemptible Premier Windbag and our vacuous selfie addicted new PM. The reasoning behind this is I have been out of town during the week and unable to attend local town council meetings. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been paying attention, it merely means that unlike an unpopular former councillor, who also doesn’t attend council meetings. I decided I should cede my right  of commentary until I am more actively involved.
I have been following the situation regarding the potential $150M development at Collingwood airport for close to a year now, and have written about it in this space on numerous occasions. So in this instance  I feel I have a right to comment.
I have often made it clear that I am not a big fan of our mayor, her brother Paul Bonwick or any of the other self-entitled back room boys that seem to think it’s their god-given right to make decisions that often benefit themselves but leave the rest of us out in the cold.
I will say this quite ‎categorically I whole heartily support Paul Bonwicks’s efforts to develop the land around the airport and I suggest that the foot dragging by our local council would never be happening if the person who was trying to make it happen were‎ not called Paul Bonwick. 

No matter how much Steve Berman (certain council members cheerleader) wants to try and convince us that Collingwood town council are merely doing their due diligence. The decision not to grant the CCAC a letter of intent for access to the development smacks of small town score settling. From everything I have read and discussed on the subject  this seems to have very little to do with “doing it right the first time”.
Also the letter that council put out yesterday trying to explain the reasoning behind its obstructionist stance ‎regarding the airport development, makes not a lick of sense to me. They state that “the priority is to oppose the windmill development”. But as Clearview Township mayor Chris Vanderkruys quite rightly pointed out “By not offering access to CACC to the airport they have cut off that rear guard”. Meaning that if they had granted access, it shows that everyone is serious about the development and it is extra ammunition to fight the windmills. Even Premier “Two Moms” would not fight against a development of this magnitude for half a dozen windmills (but nothing with her would surprise me).‎

I’m not sure what this Collingwood council and Steve Berman for that matter, see in the way of future job prospects locally, but from my stand point all I see are a lot of “McJobs” and low paying service industry jobs. This development has the potential to create an estimated 1,600 well paying specialised aviation industry jobs‎. It’s time for this council to get out of the way. Buttonville airport is closing in the fall of next year, it has been an aviation business centre for many years. Collingwood airport through this development is well placed to take much of that business. I’m quite sure Edenvale Aerodrome will take the business if the foot dragging from Collingwood doesn’t soon stop. I supported many members of this council during the last election, my thought was that they would rise above past differences for the betterment of the town. I still hope that that will happen

8 thoughts on “Nothing but petty small town score settling

  1. I think you should include some context with your opinion regarding your anti Paul Bonwick suggestion.

    The Connection story

    states, ” Collingwood council voted 7-1 to not grant CACC a letter of intent for access; Mayor Sandra Cooper stepped away from the table, citing her brother Paul Bonwick’s involvement with CACC. Collingwood council’s discussion on the letter of intent took place behind closed doors, citing the need to have advice from the municipality’s lawyer. ”

    Based on this, your suggestion of “score settling” would have to include Mike Edwards and Bob Madigan (who also voted against it) as well as the municipality’s lawyer.

    I can’t see it, but that’s just my opinion.

    • I read that Steve. But you and I both know that Bob since the hydro vote is trying to be his own man. Mike Edwards is on the airport committee and has always been all over the place. I will be at the mayors levee next weekend so I hope to get some insight then Steve.

      • I don’t pretend to know anything about Bob or Mike, other than what I see at council. I just find it hard to believe that both of them and a legal firm would be in on what you are suggesting. Just my opinion.

  2. Many things go on behind the scenes that most are not privy to. People are led on the path of least resistance in order to have order by those guiding the situation. Others refuse to be only led and travel the multi paths required to encompass all truths and full understanding. Steve has always expanded his knowledge regarding our town, we all know that. I will be attending the Airport Committee meetings, and listening to trusted associates who have proven their position, and intend, in the past. Only with that effort, at minimum, will I decide the truth. Steve has earned my trust and respect with that. He has never left the “Team” like others have, including you, and deserves better than a bashing on your blog. I do not agree with you, VFAN.

  3. It’s great to have you back VFAN I’ve missed you. I completely agree with this blog Ive been following the airport situation and cant see why this council is blocking it. Happy New Year hope to see more of your commentary in 2016.

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