“Making” me fall asleep…….

So I was roped into watching the first 3 episodes on this latest Netflix social media phenomenon “Making of a Murderer” last night. I must confess by half way through the second episode I was finding it hard to stay awake. By a quarter of the way through the third episode I found it more interesting cleaning up the dishes from dinner, than watching this awful series. I fail to see how this bore fest can drag itself through another seven episodes. I have personally seen enough. ***Spoiler Alert***. After watching episode three I went online to find out if anything new happens to prove Avery innocent, and it does not. He is still in jail and he does quite rightly get convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Firstly anyone that would douse a cat with gasoline and throw the poor moggy on a fire is pretty much capable of anything. The series directors also glossed over the fact that Avery was convicted of assaulting his cousin (a woman) and firearms offences a few years before he was wrongly convicted of the rape of Penny Beerntsen. These transgressions were put forth as “youthful exuberance”. In my mind, stealing a car or getting into a bar fight is youthful exuberance (I was once convicted of the later myself). Torching a cat to death points in an entirely different direction
What a disgusting awful family the lot of them are. If they all banded together they might put together one full set of teeth. Avery’s girlfriend at the time of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, was in jail for repeatedly driving while impaired. So unlike many of the bleating masses, after what I had seen of the man, did not think it too much of a stretch to conclude that Avery could be capable of the rape, torture and murder of this poor unsuspecting girl  for a little trailer trash sexual R and R. That was the other thing I found quite disconcerting, the makers of this series seem to be so intent on making Avery look like a choir boy, they completely brush over the fate of the victim in this case. She was out doing her job and ends up as bone and muscle fragments in Steven Avery’s fire-pit. This girl was murdered, probably within ten feet of Avery’s trailer, someone committed that murder and although the red necks down at Manitowoc County sheriff’s department looked like they were quite capable of planting evidence, it should defy even the most ardent conspiracy theorists credulity, to think that they would kill an innocent girl, then plant evidence, just to save a $36 million wrongful conviction law suit. No, someone from this disgusting poor white trash family, killed, raped and tortured Teresa Halbach. My view is leave Steven Avery in jail until the rest of this swamp dwelling clan figure out which one of them was responsible for the crime themselves, with any luck maybe they all did it so the courts can incarcerate the lot of them. In the meantime when is House of Cards coming back on? So we can concentrate on some really important television watching.


6 thoughts on ““Making” me fall asleep…….

  1. This is a rarity, but I have to agree with you on this one Colin. I was somewhat intrigued until the end of the first episode because that’s when I realized the remaining 9 episodes were going to just drag on about Steven Avery going to jail for a murder he allegedly didn’t commit and how it was such a tragedy…… The whole story really can be told in one episode I’m sure. I presumed at the time the guy was still in jail to this day, which tuned out to be correct, so any interest in watching more was lost on me entirely.

    Not surprisingly, there’s also more to this story than what has been presented, which makes it even less desireable to watch.


    • John, What’s shameful and ignorant is the fact that a 25 year old beautiful young girl came on to these despicable peoples property to take photo’s of a car to sell and she was raped, tortured and murdered. She ended up in a burn pile close to Steve Avery’s trailer.The rest of the story is Hollywood bullshit. I admit my language and commentary in this post is incendiary and provocative, but I feel its required to get people to think about the real victim here Teresa Halbach.
      John Malloy give your liberal, progressive head a shake.

  2. Welcome back Nobody we have missed your razor sharp wit and commentary. I have spent much time in the USA and believe it or not the type of folks portrayed in this series are very prevalent in the States. I agree with you Avery is as guilty as hell, if for nothing else, crimes against facial hair 🙂

  3. You kill me VFAN. That’s weird I was watching that show last night also. I was wondering what all the hype was about…….. One set of teeth between the whole family hahahahah!!!

  4. I find the “who-done-it” series interesting. I do believe that Teresa Halbach was killed by one of the Avery family members, whether it was Steve Avery, well, I’m not too sure about that. None-the-less, we cannot convict wrongly based on number of teeth or scuzzyness of lifestyle, which I agree that theirs is to the extreme. I think that because the Judicial system is screwed up we cannot, and do not, really know what the truth is, and that is the entire point of the show. I also think that making anyone “Hollywood(ish)”, like they did Steve, can backfire and create a monster. Too much fame and notoriety can screw your head up. Heck, real stars fall apart with all of that public attention!! Add the wrongful conviction, poverty and non social skills and BAM!, you have the potential of just about anything happening.
    I will keep watching…your house should be spotless by the time it’s all over!

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