2016 Mayors New Years Levee – VFAN Style

I attended the New Year’s levee Sunday at Georgian Manor Resort (or whatever that hotel is calling itself these days). I have a few observations and comments below:

1. Mayor Cooper almost broke a hip trying to avoid saying hello to me again. It’s really funny because I do it on purpose whenever I am at these types of functions. I walk directly towards her with a big smile on my face and she thinks it’s someone that she knows, then she realizes it’s me, spins around and runs off in the opposite direction.

2. I’m not sure if it’s me imagining things, but the town crier’s uniform seems to get more and more ostentatious with more medals and sashes every time I see him. Nowadays he would look right at home sitting at the head of one of those juntas in a tin pot failed state in South America somewhere.

3. I was glad to see Nick Brindisi was awarded the order of Collingwood. He is a tireless volunteer, always doing some kind of ridiculous 200km run up and down mountains for charity somewhere, good for you Nick. Incidentally on another note Nick is a way better volunteer and marathon runner than he is soccer player. Imagine someone with two left feet and their soccer cleats tied together and that will give you a good mental picture of Nicks soccer playing skills.

4. Ditto Kevin Hamlin (not the soccer playing). I wrote a blog just before Christmas about the CCI music program here: https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/a-huge-shout-out-to-the-cci-music-program/ That is Mr. Hamlin driving that bus, I know if my kids are coming home whining about someone, especially a teacher that teacher is doing something right. Good for you Kevin well deserved.

5. Oh now I think of it I thought it was only me that gets all choked up when talking about my long passed parents. Very touching moment during Nicks acceptance speech.

6. Back to Mayor Cooper. I would have thought that after 5 years in the mayors chair, that she would have bacame a little more comfortable with her public speaking. But alas no, she still comes across as wooden, forced and completely uncomfortable in her own skin. The thought of her representing our town across this province really does make me wince.

7. Why is it that every time I meet Cam Ecclestone it’s like the first time I have ever met him? Reminds me of the movie “Groundhog Day”. Apparently I am not alone in this phenomenon. Someone told me that apparently at one of the shindig’s around Christmas time he introduced himself to Kevin Lloyd.

8. I look forward to Ian Chadwick’s column and review of this years Mayors levee. I know he wasn’t there but that doesn’t stop him from commenting on every council and committee meeting that happens around town. My theory is he has obviously mastered that ancient art of shape shifting himself into the form of Kevin Lloyd.

9. Every councilor I spoke to strangely disliked my first post on the Collingwood airport, but liked my second post. In fact Deb Doherty said that if I had not written the second post she would have hit me with something next time she saw me, which was today. So I was rather fortunate I suppose.

10. What gives with this crowd today. I went to grab I bite to eat and it was packed around the food table, so I grabbed a coffee and decided to leave it for ten minutes until the rush died down. When I went back it was like a swarm of locusts had just gone through the room, the only thing that was left were a few crumbs and a rather sad-looking tomato. Did everyone decide to break their New Year’s resolutions en mass?

11. Now this one item actually has little to do with the levee, apart from when I left the event I was stopped at this stupid light again. So I decided that I would include some whining about it in this post. I am obviously talking about the traffic light at Lighthouse Point. It is one of those 1980’s technology stop lights that keeps changing on a timer whether someone is trying to get out of Lighthouse Point or not. The amount of times I have seen streams of traffic stopped on Highway 26 for 3 minutes (yeah I timed it once) for absolutely no reason at all. C’mon guys let’s get that light up to twentieth century standards, we have the technology.

Happy New Year to all of you.


One thought on “2016 Mayors New Years Levee – VFAN Style

  1. Sandra Cooper’s note to self: “Review my notes before attending an event where I have to read my notes “.
    Congrats to all 5 Award recipients! Well deserved and yes, the speeches were quite touching.

    There was food?

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