Pompous elitists still alive and well east of Saskatchewan.

I posted the following rant just before Christmas 2014. I thought that post was even more appropriate this past week after the media storm surrounding Lloydminster’s Ken Cundliffe’s letter to Justin Trudeau posted on Facebook on the 10th January. I have shared this letter on my VFAN Facebook page. Apparently this guy got a lot of abuse mostly from people living east of Saskatchewan.

This Hour has……….. A Bunch of Pompous, Elitist, Assholes!!! (Originally posted 14th December 2014)

I was sitting in front of the TV the other night, not really paying attention to what was on. I was more interested in what I was doing on my computer. The cheese ball “This hour has 22 minutes” show was droning on in the background. I can’t stand it and never find it funny. I was about to switch it, when an attractive blonde lady came on and was saying something about oil prices and Alberta, which immediately piqued my interest. The screen went to a Welcome to Alberta road sign and there was a mashed up version of the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song playing.

The premise of the skit was to make fun of Alberta and the problems it is about to face as a province, due to the falling price of a barrel of oil. I was actually quite disgusted by the whole thing.
I didn’t catch all of the words as I was still only half paying attention, but I did wonder what they meant by “Welcome Back” in the skit. So I searched for it on YouTube then viewed and listened to it again here:

Yes that is canned laughter not real. Am I missing something here? Does anyone find this type of thing funny? I guess they meant welcome back to the economic reality of the rest of Canada. A little rich don’t you think? Considering that this crappy TV show is produced by a company called DHX Media based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A complete economic basket case of a province that has been a net receiver of transfer payments from the economic engine that has been Alberta for the past 10 years or so, and prior to that Ontario and BC. Nova Scotia has never stood on its own two feet within confederaration economically as a province. This show is paid for and subsidized by the CBC, which would also be a basket case broadcasting company, if not for the $1.2B subsidy per year it receives from, yeah you guessed it, indirectly through transfer payments from Alberta.

I know a few people from Collingwood, that have made it through some very difficult times by getting on a plane and working in the oil patch. I also know that many hard working people from the Atlantic provinces kept their families clothed and fed by working in Alberta. This type of thing is classic pompous, elitist, snobbery of the worst kind. They don’t want that dirty Alberta oil and want nothing to do with those redneck hicks from Alberta. But they certainly want the revenue from them to support their public service jobs and social programs that they could not afford if not for transfers from Alberta.

Can you imagine the uproar if the skit and song were about a Windsor car plant closing or a New Brunswick ship yard shutting down. I have news for these pompous twits at the CBC and this crappy show, where Alberta goes the rest of the country follows very quickly. The province has been the economic engine of the country for a number of years now, so what is bad for Alberta is very bad for the rest of Canada. By the way the economic reality of the rest of Canada is mainly the result of the tax and spend policies by successive Liberal and NDP provincial governments. Take Saskatchewan for instance 10 years ago after many years of successive NDP governments, it was one of the worst economic sink holes in Canada, I constantly heard “the last person to leave Regina turn out the lights”. Brad Wall of the right of centre Saskatchewan Party became Premier in 2007. He introduced a myriad of changes to the way the province does business. It now has the highest GDP in the country, the lowest unemployment rate and people are lining up to move back there again. I personally would like to see THAT model as the economic reality of Canada. Not what these socialist stooges at the CBC think should be the economic reality.


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