Hammertown – Dispatch # 2

                                    I AM LEGEND ADDITION

1. When I first went to work down in Hamilton, I thought that my dispatches would be a regular thing. But to be honest there is very little to write about and usually the highlight of my week is driving up Highway 10 on a Thursday afternoon racing back up to “God’s Country”.

2. I was on my bike in the fall riding along the waterfront trail. A lady was chatting with someone on the right side of the trail with her back to me. Unbeknownst to me her dog was in the bushes on the left of the trail attached to one of those retractable leashes (you can see where this is going). As I rode over the leash it got caught somewhere around my bikes chain, flipping me over the handle bars into a rhododendron bush. The dog, an over-sized black lab mix, decided it was payback time against the person that rather rudely interrupted its sniffing and territory marking. So it lunged at me. Fortunately the leash was still tangled around my bike, so the lunge was stopped around 6 inches away from my foot with the dog snarling, snapping and barking at me. The whole incident reminded me of one of the scenes from “I am Legend”. Only the dog wasn’t a raging zombie dog. It was the leash stopping the dog not the last fading rays of sunlight, and I am way better looking than Will Smith 🙂

3. I know this next bit is going to make you think that I haven’t had much luck working my little stint in Hamilton but……… well actually I suppose I haven’t. I was sitting at a stop light early last week and a 5 ton truck passed me on curbside and did a right turn showering my van with ice from its roof and badly cracking my windshield. My van looked like it was involved in a drive by shooting by the gang-bangers from Lococo’s (described in Dispatch #1).

4. Talking of bad luck, since the ticket that I received from the squeegee guy (also described in Dispatch #1). I have picked up 2 more, one for driving 62 kp/h in a 50 kp/h limit and failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The Hamilton cops take no prisoners. My car insurance has now gone from around $1,300 per year to $2,700. So I have decided to buy myself a trilby hat, move my seat so my chest is 2” away from the steering wheel and I am now the guy that you swear at driving 10 km below the speed limit all the time.

5. Apparently my good friend Annette Patrick will be in these parts in the next few weeks hiking the first section of the 895 km Bruce Trail. Read all about it here: https://annettesbrucetrailadventure.wordpress.com . I look forward to reading about all her adventures, good luck to you AP.

6. One thing I do like about living and working a little further south, is there is much less snow. So along with the late arrival of winter I have managed to continue running outside without a break throughout this winter season. I am seriously considering another crack at a half marathon, so stay tuned.


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