Justin is a victim of his own narcissism

Many of you know I am not a big fan of our current prime minister. I will not repeat my reasons for this viewpoint again, as my previous scribbling’s on this subject were starting to make me sound like a broken record.

I do think that everyone will start to figure Justin out before the next election. The incident on Wednesday in the House of Commons in which he tried to manhandle the Tory house whip Gord Brown in order to get a vote started on assisted suicide and in the process accidentally hit NDP MP Ruth Elaine  Brosseau in the chest is the start of that process.

Many media outlets including a couple of newspapers from my place of birth England have made commentary that Justin “just lost it”. I have studied the clip over and over again and I don’t believe he “lost” anything. His stride over to the gaggle of Tory and NDP MP’s was both measured and purposeful.

Here’s what I think happened:

Our prime minister has had an easy time since becoming PM; with an adoring public, a national and international media tongue bathing him at every opportunity. The photo ops have been endless, posing in full boxing regalia in a Brooklyn boxing gym, one handed push-ups to promote the Invictus games. Even the most ardent Justin admirer must know that he is a narcissist. I believe, he thought that this was going to get him more great press, with headlines like “It’s about time someone showed some backbone in this dysfunctional  house to get it functioning properly”. But the thing that Justin and the clapping cheering trained seals of his liberal party didn’t bank on was that 150 years of parliamentary tradition and decorum surpass even Justin’s charisma and popularity.

This is merely the start my friends and this is going to be fun but sadly expensive to watch.


4 thoughts on “Justin is a victim of his own narcissism

  1. I am confused as you how you are defining your thoughts on those people you refer to as being a “narcissist, VFAN. You describe Justin Trudeau, our elected Prime Minister, as being a “narcissist, and you clearly do not support him. Donald Trump’s opponents in the primaries called him a con artist, a narcissist and a pathological liar, AND, according to a number of top U.S. psychologists, Donald Trump is a “textbook” narcissist, yet you FULLY support Trump. In fact, I think you have a little crush on him according to the way you talk about him.
    How is it that you criticize your country’s Leader for the same personality trait used to describe the running candidate in the U.S election that you admire so much?
    I guess you like comb-overs better than a gorgeous head of wavy dark hair…sounds like a wee bit of jealousy to me, VFAN.
    When are we going to talk about real politics?

    • As you know QB. I actually can’t stand Donald Trump as a person. I like the message that he brings that has the media and the political establishment scrambling. The Donald, Justin and also one of your hero’s Rob Ford are all populists. The only one of those three that actually represented the people was Rob Ford. I wonder how Justin would be doing if he looked like Rob Ford, interesting concept and food for thought. Again Queen Bee you along with others have gone off the topic of my blog which was Justin thinking he was untouchable because of the tongue bathing he has had by the press.

      • For the record (and now off topic), Rob Ford is not my hero, nor is Justin Trudeau. Zena, the princess warrior, possibly. If being “untouchable” fits into your description of “narcissism” , (which I believe you meant) then me commenting on your viewpoint of a “narcissist” is quite on topic.
        We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so that we can listen better than we squawk, er, I mean, talk. Read twice, if you have to, VFAN, before you respond into left field…because that’s what baseball is for…how about those blue jays. (just to stick with the “off topic” theme)

  2. Great to have you back Colin
    Look forward to more insightful posts
    Yes I agree that the learning curve will be very difficult for Justin
    Things move at a glacial pace on the hill and that will only frustrate our new PM who has become used to media time

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