About this Blog

Never a member of the Rotary Club,  always a political and social outsider around Collingwood. I have voted in every election since I moved to Canada from the UK in 1984. Whichever way I vote, it never seems to make a damn  bit of difference to the things that are important to me and my family.

In the big picture I am a Nobody, an ‘Oik from the Hoi polloi’. Fasten your seat-belt because this is my voice.

Oik – Uncouth obnoxious person.
Hoi polloi – The great unwashed rabble.



One thought on “About this Blog

  1. I agree with just about every point you’ve made. well thought out and well stated!!Include me as a supporter of Brian Saunderson. Somehow we have to provide him the support to carry on and represent us all.Greg

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